I just don’t understand some people…

I just don’t understand some of my friends my age. I find them very hard to relate to, especially when their belief about food intake and diet is completely different from mine.

You see… I don’t quite give a damn of what I eat and when I eat. I eat when I feel like it, and I eat when I feel hungry. Most of my ex-classmates in highschool are jealous of me. Why? Because I barely put on an extra gram since I left school despite of the way I enjoy my food… and my junkfood. I may be older. I may be married and have a child of my own, but I could still fit into my school uniform-something that not many still can.

Anyway, I was chatting with a friend… a close friend, actually, and I was telling her that I cannot live without nasi lemak, char koay teow, satay, roti canai and many more fattening local food.

She was aghast when I told her that, and she admitted to me that it has been more than a year since she had her plate of nasi lemak, char koay teow, roti canai and whatnot. She cannot believe it that I have been having them regularly without even feeling guilty. And she was prattling on and on about the calories, how unhealthy and fattening they are and bla bla bla! *ROLL EYES* (I don’t understand why someone can live in Malaysia and not enjoy the good food around us)

My friend told me that I should feel guilty for even eating those stuff. Duh… why would I feel guilty, anyway? I live in Malaysia. Those are somewhat staple food to me. If I don’t eat those regularly…what do you expect me to eat? You can’t expect me to to live on salad without dressing for lunch and dinner and disgusting bowl of oat for breakfast and wash it down with some dreadful looking protein shake, can you? You might as well shoot me in the head if you want to ask me to do that! It is something that I will not do.

Perhaps… I have grown very old and I couldn’t understand the ‘younger generation’ anymore. All they want to do is have an hourglass figure. But they forgot that just to control their diet without exercising will not do them any good. Skipping meals, especially breakfast just to loose weight is also not right, even if you take healthy stuff like oat and salad later on for lunch and dinner.

I am a firm believer that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and you cannot skip it. Go ahead and skip lunch, but you must take breakfast. And I also believe that it is okay to be skinny or fat, as long as you are healthy. No point looking good when you are not healthy, right? That’s just vain!

People always ask me… how can I stay skinny even though I don’t exactly watch what I eat. They wonder what my secret is. I tell you… none. I have no secret…. unless you call eating fried chicken at 3am in the morning and eating loads of stuff before I sleep is a secret to keep myself petite.

Cleffairy: Oh… don’t worry about me… I may not eat those supplements and health food to keep my ‘good’ plywood figure, but I do swim regularly… and perform my ‘cardiac’ exercise often to keep myself healthy inside. LMAO! Why not ask me instead… what is ‘cardiac exercise’? The cardiac exercise that I have been practicing for the past 8 years can burn loads of calories if you do it right. LOL.

ps: By all means… if you’re unhappy with the way you look… diet all you want, go and have the fats surgically removed. For what it’s worth, I don’t believe on going under the knife to make myself look good. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.


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    Just like my daughter – we’ve been going round eating…and eating…but she’s still nice and slim. Anybody’s worried about their shape or size – should go and exercise…stay active…walk! Well, let those silly people starve themselves – they do not know what they’re missing…

    • Cleffairy says:

      Sometimes, when I have no appetite…(when sick especially) I would refuse to eat. But i would never starve myself on purpose just so that I can slim down and whatnot. I just dun get friends my age. Haihh… me auntie liao… dun care body shape! LOL!

  2. goldflower86 says:

    LOL. eating is what make life wonderful. dun deprived urself of what life offer. lets eat!i cnt bliv people living in malaysia dun enjoy the char kuey tew. cnt staay away fm that. i cn stay away from nasi lemak. dun like it anyway. hahah

    • Cleffairy says:

      Cis… beh tahan all these angmoh wannabe la… live on salad and protein shakes… a few years tarak makan nasi lemak and CKT… ish…dun say that la… rice and noodles oso dun take… makan those supplements to survive oni. Not sure if still human anot.

  3. kathy says:

    You can eat whatever you want but make sure you eat regularly. Try not to skip meals eventhough you are not feeling hungry. Grab a Milo or what if you not feeling hungry. Otherwise, stomach very fast masuk angin and feel bloated.

    Take k.

    • Cleffairy says:

      Sobs… sometimes really no appetite and wan wekk lorr.. especially if pening pening lalat… wud oso kenot masuk. But I always take milo la if that happen…sked low sugar den will pengsan ma. LOL!

    • Cleffairy says:

      Not me… hahahahah… I dun gv a damn on how my body shape looks like. After all… I dun even grow an inch sideways since i left school. LOL… still can fit into my school uniform, i kid u not. LOL!

    • Cleffairy says:

      Not really a fan of KFC… McD is once or twice a mth. But nasi lemak, fried koay teow, kuih or fried beehoon is a must have for breakfast. I’m a Malaysian ma… so must have all these wud…. mana boleh tarak makan? You kno oversea cekik ppl how much anot all these good food? My friend very silly lah she! LOL….

  4. eugene says:

    it is very personal one lah, as far as makaning and dieting is concerned, most importantly is to enjoy what we eat,,, if you feel like walloping by all means go ahead,, why should we deprive ourselves when our mind and body ask us to go for it right?

    cheers to good food

    • Cleffairy says:

      Yalorr… she keep promoting to me… eat salad and protein shakes… *pengsan* I cannot live like that. I’m a typical Malysian, must have all the local goodies very regularly. Like nasi lemak… I must have it for bfast 3-4 times per week… else I cannot tahan wan.

      i always believe in eating whatever I feel like eating… even if it’s not healthy… wanna keep my body active and fit? Just exercise lorr… i go swim regularly…good for me ma… just control makan tarak exercise, tak guna oso leh.

  5. mery says:

    How I wish I can stay slim…But I am not…
    I really need to have strict diet..or else…..too much fats in my body.
    cardiac exercise?..I should google and read more about it.

    • Cleffairy says:

      I tink it’s okay if out of shape abit… as long as healthy… big or small duzzin matter. LOL…

      Aiyo… Mery… cardiac exercise… I was joking la… ‘cardiac’ exercise=sex. *pengsan* Having sex can burn more calories than you go for a jog or a 10 minute on the threadmill. LMAO….

  6. donna says:

    wei.. i also don’t eat nasi lemak and those goreng goreng thing one loh…
    1st coz got super high cholesterol leh.. doc advise not to eat one loh.. i mmg genetically cannot absorb oily thing, later will heart attack die how? =.=

    2nd i got exercise also loh..

    3rd control liao, cholesterol still high, i also bo bien leh.. Zzz..

    4th baru is jaga badan la… Zzz

    • Cleffairy says:

      Aiks… terasa pulak? LOLOLOL! Aiyo… I kno u not like this la… I see u oso got makan all those junks la… my friend this one… ishh… nasi lemak oso a few years tarak makan… sth wrong la… where can live on salad and protein shake oni… sotplug liao la liddat. Summore tarak exercise… jaga badan wud la… just diet tarak exercise… cis…no use…

      • donna says:

        ya loh.. terasa liao, coz u mention about nasi lemak la wtf… like arrow like that, terus tusuk through my body wtf…
        i cannot eat nasi lemak.. T___T, ppl ajak i eat nasi lemak also i say no, i where will turn down good offer one la, especially free one.. =.=
        so miss nasi lemak actly…

        aiya, tell your friend, just food diet, no exercise memang useless one!
        and just protein shake and salad ah, i read from newspaper, got a woman also eat like that, then one month lost 10kg or something la, and then heart attack die liao wtf…
        coz the body not enough nutrient, then all organs also rosak edi.

        • Cleffairy says:

          Memang la… makan salad and protein shake oni mana enuff to jaga badan? Sure deprived la the body… have to take some of those good fats too wud…

          Eee… that case scary lerrr…

          Eh…u got penyakit kah? Why kenot makan all those ‘not so healthy stuff’. Woi, Donna Duck, you got makan rice or noodles anot? u dun sotplug go and diet like those crazy ppl ah… later really mampus early. Just makan everything in moderation and exercise… shud be ok gua…

          • donna says:

            penyakit high cholesterol loh… =.=
            kira penyakit ah? it runs in the family one.. ofcoz got eat rice la.. noodles not so much, coz i dun like.. =.=”

  7. Gratitude says:

    We’d make wonderful makan partners Rofl!

    I believe life is pleasurable only if we get to enjoy what we love. The key word is moderation ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Have a wonderful week ahead. Have an ice kacang on me! wakakakaka

    • Cleffairy says:

      LOL… no worries… genetically kenot grow fat. Initially I thought pregnancy will make me ballooon abit, but not even the boobs grow! GRRRR! Still at 34kg. ๐Ÿ™ Sad…. terribly underweight, and STP dubs me as ‘Somalian Refugee’.

      ๐Ÿ™ My mum and dad eat a lot too… my entire family eat like nobody’s biz, but could never gain weight. ๐Ÿ™ Yes… until they’re in their 40s… hmm… my dad put on 5kg after hit 40 and stop there…*sigh* no effect….just can see their face a bit chubbier….

      Bwhahahaha… I’m still in my 20s… bwhahaha… long way to go. I’d be glad if I were to gain 10kg. That ought to put some flesh to my bones…:P

    • Cleffairy says:

      LOL… me too… eat them very often… they’re all inside my daily diet. LOL. Nasi lemak… i also take em 4-5 times per week. For breakfast oso. LOL… sometimes for supper. *pengsan*

  8. Pauline S. J. says:

    Eh Liz. Don’t tell me that “friend” is me *faint* I surely do not endorse living solely on protein shakes, salads and no exercise ๐Ÿ˜›

    Personally, I drink protein shakes, because I’m into bodybuilding and I need ’em. But aside from my protein shakes, I also eat at least 3 solid meals per dayรขโ‚ฌยฆ beef, chicken, potatoes, etc. I just don’t get how some people can just quit solid food and live off shakes, gosh *shudder*

    There’s a reason why protein shakes are called supplements. It’s a “supplement”, not a replacement for real food ๐Ÿ˜€

    The world is full of crazy theories on how to lose weight fast, blah blah blah… but take it from me, all that is crap lar, haha. Fitness and health goals are achieved from hard work and consistency, not from crash diets =)

    • Cleffairy says:

      *pengsan* You practically live in a gym. Of course not referring to you la, sis. Ish ish ish… terasa pulak… u can eat more than I can in one sitting… *roll eyes*. I still remember our banana leaf rice session. LOL! You can eat the whole meal on your own while I have to share with my another half. LOL!

      I was referring to another friend. One of the brats I got to know in college. She’s really crazy wan lerr, a walking calory calculator and practically lives on protein shakes and salad…couldn’t understand her. She even told me that she haven’t been taking rice and anything that’s carb based more than a year. (gila punya woman!)

      I remembered that earlier this year you were also telling me about protein shakes… but you took em not because you wanna loose weight… you said you wanna put on some muscle or something. *pengsan* Definitely not referring to you.

      This friend I’m referring to, when I ajak her makan, she’ll scorn me and say I shouldn’t eat all the nonsense I’ve been eating, and plus, she’s on a diet. So I told her la… diet liddat oni won’t help her loose weight… cuz she duzzin exercise wan… couch potato kinda gal.

      Ask her walk far abit oso lazy. So how to loose weight? Cilaka, shud have referred this woman to u. Let u torture her in the gym kao kao!

      I was telling her that all the stubborn fat won’t go away… even if she starve herself. Breakfast drink oni protein shake… lunch just some measly energy bar and salad… den dinner… sometimes tarak makan oso. *gasps* Scary I tell you. Dono one day her body organ will malfunction anot… not enuff nutrient? Aiya… she want to do like that, she’s better off fasting!

      I dun believe in such diet ler…I mean… I feel it’s ridiculous… I believe in eating well and exercising is the way to a healthy and a fit body.

      Btw, how have you been doing? Mana my cendol la wey? End of year oredi la kawan! Bila mau go makan wif me? LOL! Come, bring u go makan seafood or steamboat. Wan anot? Eh… go steamboat buffet very syok la!

      ps: U cuti kah? Apasal tido lewat?

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