The Teacher from Sibu (Part 2)

Last month…I went to eat at this restaurant called ‘Restaurant Muar’  somewhere nearby Jalan Alor and Jalan Bukit Bintang with my usual foodie companions, Smallkucing, Mamarazzi, Cynthia and Breanna. Too bad Annie Q, Claire and could not join us. I bet they would have enjoyed the food too.

Our eating session in Restaurant Muar that day was very special, because 100 free pakistani dating site, the retired teacher cum blogger from Sibu was there with us too. STP took the trouble to come all the way from Sibu to meet up with us in KL and we had so much fun that night though that’s the first time we meet up with him. 😀

He was indeed a very nice and thoughtful man and I’m glad that I was privileged enough to get to know him. He brought along his friends Mandy and Zee with him too. It was really a pleasure to get to know Mandy and Zee. They’re easy to get a long with and very friendly kind of people.

Anyway, STP suggested this restaurant for a meet up cum dining session. He told us that the food there is superb, and so, we decided to meet and dine over there. STP wasn’t fibbing. The food was really superb, and I couldn’t get enough.

Below is what we had that night:

This dish is called ‘Sambal Petai’. This dish is one of the main star of the night. It was really spicy and yummylicious, and I wouldn’t mind going back to Restaurant muar just to have this dish again. The sambal was sweet and spicy. It’s everything a sambal petai should be. But still, in my humble opinion, it could not beat the sambal petai that Mamarazzi cooked for one of our ‘nasi lemak’ potluck session not long ago.

Another of my favourite that night was ‘Kangkung belacan’ (Fried water convulvulous with shrimp paste). This kangkung belacan was sensational, and is a must try if you ever have the chance to dine in Restaurant Muar. This dish is to die for, and so far, this is the best kangkung belacan that I have ever tasted, period. It was really well done. I’m not exactly a fan of vegetables, but this particular dish managed to steal my heart that night. Definitely a must try and I highly recommends this. (Sigh…. I wanna have this again… anybody wanna go to Restaurant Muar and accompany me eat this? Mamarazzi? Cyn? Anybody?)

STP ordered this dish for the kids. If I’m not mistaken, it’s called BBQ Fried Chicken. It’s boneless and a non-spicy dish. Very crispy on the outside, and juicy on the inside. The chicken was slightly sweet, and suitable for those who don’t really fancy  spicy food. I like this very much too, and I had a few helping of the BBQ Fried Chicken too. Another thing that I would recommend to those who is considering to patronize Restaurant Muar. I’m not quite sure how much it cost per plate, though. You’re going to have to ask STP about that. I was too busy devouring the yummylicious food to even notice how much it cost on the menu.

STP also ordered ‘crispy fried eggs’ topped with dark soya sauce that night. He told us that it was a signature dish for Restaurant Muar, but I don’t find it particularly special. It tastes like… fried eggs… just like the ones I usually cook for my family, only the texture is very, very crispy. I daresay the chef sort of ‘deep fry’ the eggs with loads of very hot oil in the wok to get such texture. I’m not sure why it’s dubbed as ‘Restaurant Muar’s signature dish’. Perhaps these days people are very health conscious that they fry their eggs oil-less on a non-stick pan. So this dish became somewhat a treasure among the patrons.

There was also ‘otak otak’. Some sort of local spicy fish paste. It was really nice too. I mistook this for some sort of spicy taufu when it was placed on our table, though.

STP also ordered ‘Asam fish’. This dish reminds me of the ‘Asam pedas fish’ my late grandmother used to cook for us every time my grandfather brought back fish from the river for the family. I can’t comment on this dish though, cuz I kinda don’t take fish, especially if there’s a lot of bones in it. Kinda scared of getting choked by the bones. Traumatized, I guess. There was this incident when I was five…the fish bone got stuck in my throat and it was very,very painful and I kinda sworn off fish with bones from that day forward  🙁 ( I’m not scared of dory fish and stingray though… I’d have them anytime… LOL… cuz there’s no tiny bones in them)

There’s also sautéed bean-sprouts. Another thing I can’t comment on because I’m allergic to them and couldn’t take them. But I’m sure the bean-sprouts were nice, as it was polished clean by the rest at the table.

We end our meal with dessert, of course.

Cendol… a local ‘snow ice’ dessert topped with cendol, red beans as well as ‘gula Melaka’ syrup. Very refreshing, but there’s nothing special with this one… I had better cendol elsewhere.

Overall, the food in Restaurant Muar was very nice and enjoyable. My husband even asked for another bowl of rice to go with the dishes. I’m not quite sure how much all of these cost, though because STP had generously cleared the bill that night (such a sneaky man, nobody notice when he went to clear the bill!), but from what I heard, the food was very affordable.

Cleffairy: Thank you for the dinner again, Cikgu. I sure had a very nice time that night.


  1. suituapui says:

    Wah! Got Part 2 kah? So long already…now like Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah! Muahahahaha!!!! I certainly hope to go there again when I go to KL with my daughter in February…

    • Cleffairy says:

      LOL… I’m very slow wan… actually wanna publish on 12th Dec… ngam ngam satu bulan! But oredi got other things on schedule, so post this one today lorr…

      Haihh… I’m my own victim. 🙁 Craving for the kangkung belacan and the BBQ chicken again. *SIGH* One of these days, must go there makan again. Either with the kakis or drag my FIL go there before Xmas for family dinner or wud la… beh tahan! Mau makan again!

      • Cleffairy says:

        Come, let’s go bodek Annie. Haihh… too bad… today I oredi got appointment… else can go zoo with Annie. 🙁 Zoo negara very near my house oni. (that’s why my perangai oso macam beruk. LOL! Live near zoo ma)

  2. mery says:

    ALways feel good to meet up with some blogger’s friends…On my last visit to KL…i have chance to meet up with Cynthia,Ling and other friends great!!

    • Cleffairy says:

      Hmm… good to meet with blogger friends? I suppose it is good… but i dun feel as if they’re my ‘blogger friends’. LOL… I feel like they’re my family…they care for me more than my family does…

    • Cleffairy says:

      Actually I cannot eat too much at one sitting oso… lol… I’m the kind who have to eat abit but frequent… else will puke. LOL! Yeps… the food was nice, and the company even nicer.

  3. Nightwing says:

    Nice one…thanks for sharing. Hope the restaurant will give u discount if u ever go back to eat…cause of the free advert u r giving…:)

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