I stopped…

I could still remember my first mobile phone. It was a second hand mobile phone handed down from my father to me. I started to use a mobile phone in 2002, when I was in college. Apparently, my parents saw it fit to let me have a mobile phone- you see, it’ll be much more convenient for them to contact me during emergency and whatnot since I was no longer living with them.

It was a Nokia 3310. It’s nothing like the new age iPhone and Blackberry phones. You can only use it to SMS and make phone calls. There was no fancy mp3 ringtones and taking photos with that phone is out of question cuz the phone does not have any camera in it.The phone memory was also limited, and one can only store certain amount of contacts in it.

I don’t know how it’s like for all of you out there, but ever since I started to use a mobile phone in 2002, I stopped memorizing people’s phone numbers and addresses. And it got worst when I changed those normal phone into a smart phone. I even use the phone to remind me of appointments and whatnot.

You see, I got lazy because I find it much more convenient to store everything it in the phone and look it up when necessary. I no longer bothered to memorize my friends phone number like I used to when I was younger.

If you’re to ask me before 2002 the phone number of all my family members and friends, I could recite it to you. But not anymore. These days… if you ask me anyone’s phone numbers, I’ll just look it up on my mobile phone. And if I lost my phone in any unfortunate accident, the only phone number that I would be able to remember is just my husband’s, my father’s and my grandfather’s. =.=

Mobile technology is very convenient. It made our lives easier, but at times, I think mobile technology made us lazier too. Well, at least it made me lazy and careless. How about you guys out there? Did you stopped memorizing phone numbers and addresses when you started to use mobile phones? Or you’re the kind who memorizes it and keeps a backup of everything on the good old notebook?

Cleffairy: Sometimes, you can’t ask machine to do human’s job.


  1. Yee Ling says:

    Aijor…..this is tough. I can only remember my parents and hubs contact no. And another one should be office no. I think that’s it. What to do…lazy the best word to describe.

    **my maths also failed!! LOL!!

  2. Cynthia says:

    I can still remember some numbers la.. like my house, my office, and my boss contact numbers.. the rest, all in the phones… I lagi teruk, if anyone ask for one’s number from me.. I replied.. “I SMS YOU”… LOL!

  3. ladyviral says:

    technology have definitely make humans all lazier. probably even pets too haha! Who needs the dog to guard now with cctv and alarm systems? hehe

    but of course technology have ease us to save our memory from over loading and crashing :p. with this, we are able to store more other than those that we can just “touch screen, touch screen and view” stuffs.

    not sure if you agree, but i think technology have helped us in a lot of ways :).

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