My New Crush: Samsung Galaxy S II

Are you a fan of smart phones? You know… the sort of communication device that not only allow you to make calls and sms, but allows you to be connected to the world in a smart and convenient way no matter when and where you are?

I don’t know about you, but ever since I was introduced to various range of Android phones, I’ve been totally in love with it. I never thought that I’m a smart phone kinda person… but well…love does not discriminate, I guess.

My current crush is Samsung Galaxy S II. It’s really a wonderful, chic smart phone. I not only can stay connected all the time with my friends on Facebook and Twitter, but it also helps me in my freelancing and writing work very well cuz I get to check my emails from my clients, chat with my friends, read ebooks and update my blog on the go by using the apps that I get for free in the Android Market.

Yes, you’re reading that right. Blog on the go. These days I use my smart phone to do live blogging. It’s pretty convenient, I must say, especially when you have something really interesting to share with your readers.

Check this out… I thought I’m crazily in love with my smart phone but it seems that Samsung Galaxy S II has gone viral that these people are gathering to profess their love for their phone!

The people in the video looks abit crazy, no? But somehow… I get them, cuz I’m crazily in love with my smart phone too. I’ve become so dependent on it that I feel that I will never be able to survive my daily lives without it.

Knowing that there’s a lot of people who are crazily in love with their phone, specifically Samsung Galaxy S II, Samsung has launched this fun microsite for all die-hard Samsung Galaxy S II lovers.

Check it out HERE

The microsite is aimed to unite all Samsung Galaxy S II lover. You can now profess your undying love to your Samsung Galaxy S II in public and no one is going to laugh at you, no matter how crazy it is and how absurd it sounds. Isn’t that great?

The microsite is pretty easy to use. Just log into the microsite, shoot your short, quirky video using your phone or digicam and upload it. Once it’s screened and approved by Samsung, your vid will be good to go and your love will be shared with the world!

So, what are you waiting for, Samsung Galaxy S II fans?  Share your love for Samsung Galaxy S II and submit your video to this microsite now and grab the chance to be featured on their online banner ads. 😀

Cleffairy:  There’s also a Action Request Board Section.You also can post action request on the microsite. 😀 Be sure to check this stuff out!





    • Cleffairy says:

      Ahemmm… yes… in my humble opinion, this phone is better than iPhone la… at least the apps can be downloaded for free at the Android Market. Iphone punya nid to pay wan leh.

  1. ARC says:

    dear sister,

    Ive actually held this thing in my own hand the other day during class. It was really awesome. The photo and video capture ability are SPECTACULAR. No phone has ever had such technology. Not even the infamous Iphone 4

    Thou who bought Iphone 4 instead of SII is a mere fool, I must say. Aside of being WAYYYYCHEAPER, SII also has FULL HD video, and the screen has a specific technology of which I forgot what the name was

    Plus, its really light weight. It feels like u’re holding 3 pieces of Mastercard. Now, try to hold an Iphone. heavy as pig.

    Thats all from me.

    -that one guy not interested in having smartphone/android/ipong

    • Cleffairy says:

      It’s a very cool phone can do alot of things with it. Who buy this phone just to play Angry Bird or games is damn stupid lo… I mean… this stuff is really powerful.

      Yea… yea… the screen is very special… a friend went to the digital expo not long ago and told me that you can step on it and yet the screen wun crack!!! Really amazing.

      Neway, what i like most about this phone that it’s running on android and fully customizeable… unlike iphone.. u got to jailbreak it to make it customisable. 🙁 And yes… iPhone is heavier too.

  2. claire says:

    I heard Samsung wants to catch up with Apple… Nokia seems to be very “quiet” these days.. my hp of 2 years plus is still going strong.. I will wait till it conks out first before getting another…

    • Cleffairy says:

      Yea…Samsung is being very competitive to the point that Apple Japan wants to stop them from going into Japanese market. Yups, Nokia very quiet cuz it is not running on Android, which is a new trend in the phone industry these days.

    • Garfield says:

      Nokia is going to die soon, if they continue to hold on with the Symbian OS which is already reach the maximum limit.
      And their Maemo/Meego is very slow in development.
      If Nokia want to stay relevant in the phone market, they have to let go their ego a bit and release a few model of phones running Android.

      • Cleffairy says:

        I agree with you, Garfield. If Nokia duzzin start to use Android for some of their phones, they are going to be left behind and become irrelevant in the communication industry.

    • Cleffairy says:

      Usually when I buy something like this… eg: smartphone, I’d do research beforehand first cuz I’ll be using it for long term… you know, the function, the specs, the price and the possibility to fully customize it to my own liking… so usually I dun really worry if other greater model would be released in the market soon… cuz by the time the new model from the same brand or other brand was released, I’m already very attached to the phone that I bought. Anyway, more or less, smart phones that’s available in the market is more or less the same. Whether they are better or not… it depends on the user’s ability to fully utilize it. 😀 There’s no point buying better or greater phone just so that you can play games or snap pics, isn’t it? I mainly use smart phone for work… so far… my own smartphone is more than enough, thankfully.:D

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