I’m a mere mortal…

I woke up this morning and I’ve come to the realization that I am not immortal, and I will not live forever. Don’t ask me questions, and I won’t tell you any lies, but the point is, I am a mortal, and that is a fact.

Feeling that life is really short…I have the urge to do outrageous things before I expire… like my eternally rude and ill mannered younger sister who had no chance of changing referred me as ‘ Old and somewhat brainless’ in front of my father… she made me realized that I am indeed old and shall expire before her without fail… and therefore… unlike her, I’d like to to do things…Things like only the characters in my novel would have the courage to do while I’m still alive.

Getting a tattoo on my body… you know…in those places where only my husband is allowed to see…on my breast… on my hip…

Get some body piercing. But come to think of it, my husband will have a fit if I go and pierce my body. He’ll probably think that I’m acting out of character. But I do wanna pierce…well… maybe I’ll just go and get second piercing on my ear…and some outrageous haircut to match… instead of piercing unmentionable parts of my body. And… the stick on tattoo should be fine too… don’t you think? Tattoos are kinda sexy…and not to mention kinky too…ohhh…

Cleffairy: I am old. I have somewhat an old soul, thank God for that. At least people won’t view me as some bratty, ill mannered young woman who behaved like some 2 year old toddler with nasty tantrum in public and have no respect for not only other people, but their own parents as well!


  1. MRC says:

    First to comment as usual – LOL good lar if u think that’ll make your life complete mah – as in the case your husband might throw fit, maybe ask him to go along & give suggestion for mutual win-win situation lor LOL

    Aisay still young mah at 26 – but already begin to think like a dinosaur LOL

  2. Nightwing says:

    Or can try use the ‘sticker’ type and see whats ur husband’s reaction…if he is cool with it….get the real one than…:)

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