I’m your sweetie pie…

Guest post by Princess Breanna

Kah kah kah kah kah! Hello everybody. *waves*. My name is Breanna. But Auntie Cleff calls me Anna.

Last time, my sweetheart, Smallkucing hijacked Auntie Cleff’s blog because she had diarrhea. I don’t want to loose to my sweetheart, so I also want to hijack Auntie Cleff’s blog.

I am very nottie. I made my mummy feed my Auntie Cleff her favourite food… spaghetti and mummy’s yummy mousse cake til she became lazy like snake and went to bed earlier so that I also can hijack Auntie Cleff’s blog! Tee hee hee hee hee!

Actually, it’s very easy to sabotage Auntie Cleff. Just feed her, and she’d be like a skinny piggie and snore all day long!

Anyway… before my Auntie Cleff wakes up and finds out what I’ve been up to and goes boohoo for being bullied again, I better tell you all why I’m here today.

I’m here to inform pretty sisters and handsome brothers out there that my mummy is now selling her yummy cookies.

The cookies comes in 3 variety of flavours and baked fresh from oven every day after my mummy finished school  (so, you order you get it 2 days later via courier)

1.  Chocolate chip & almond cookies

2.  Chocolate chip & walnut cookies

3.  Chocolate chip & raisin cookies

Price:  RM20 per pack excluding delivery

Delivery Charges:

RM12 for maximum of 3 packs (for Peninsula Malaysia).  Additional packs will cost RM3.

RM25 for maximum of 3 packs (for East Malaysia).  Additional packs will cost RM6.

Overseas courier charges available upon request.

Delivery will be done by the courier man, okay? So there will be no child labour involved. 😀

My mummy also welcome purchase in bulk / re-seller, and special discount can be arranged.

Click here for the shortcut to my mummy’s  blog. Or you can e-mail her  at [email protected] for further information.

My Auntie Cleff says mummy’s cookies are very nice to eat… not too sweet, not too hard and just nice…she always use complicated words like fragrant, buttery, exquisite to describe mummy’s cookies.

I don’t know what those words mean, but I know Auntie Cleff is addicted to mummy’s cookies. Tsk tsk tsk… this Auntie Cleff… she’s like bottomless pit… everything she will wallop!

ps: Want to know whether Auntie Cleff is bluffing or telling the truth about mummy’s cookies? Order some cookies from my mummy and try it for yourself. 😀


  1. eugene says:

    Looks like any child could outgrow us in no time, i remember looking at Breanna’s pictures from Cynthia’s blog, now looking at this picture,man shall have grown up well…………………………

  2. Mandy says:

    Hi Anna…u looks so cute and pretty in that photo…
    Aunty Mandy first time here…hope u welcome me ya!! (have to bodek you a bit la, who knows maybe i can have free cookies)

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