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I was having a very late dinner with my family last week when I heard a bunch of energetic youth shouting “Free voucher, free voucher!” in front of a hair studio. It was after midnight, and they really got me curious. And so, after dessert, I head over to the hair studio next door to the restaurant that my family and I were patronizing to check out what it’s all about.

Apparently, IMP (In  My Place) Hair Studio was having some sort of roadshow by the roadside, in front of their hair studio. I was really amused when I finally checked it out. The bunch of youth, whom I assume is IMP’s hairstylists and crew, were very hardworking, friendly and energetic. None of them show any signs of fatigue despite the lateness of the hour.

I was told that they are having a mid-year promotion and they’re also giving away vouchers for you to use when you book a service with them that. All you need to do to get the voucher is to fill up the survey form, and their RM50, RM30 (valid for all of their services) as well as 3 piece of RM5 hairwash voucher will be yours to use at your convenience until Nov 2011. There’s more…all voucher holders are entitled for another 10% discount during redemption.

I did not want to miss out, and so, I filled up the survey form, which merely took around 1 minute of my time, and their voucher was mine to use. *GRINZ*

Anyway, I asked their permission to snap some pictures around so that I can blog about their promotion, and Mr. Moses Lau from IMP has kindly showed me around the place.

It’s a pretty neat hair studio, actually. It’s air-conditioned, very spacious, no-nonsense and very comfortable place for both ladies and gents to have some hair-styling or hair cut done.

Definitely a place that I will consider to have some girlie time or some ‘ME’ time.

IMP is using Arimino for all of their service. Arimino is one of the top hair care brand in Japan that’s specially formulated for Asian hair, so if you hook up with them for any services (hair wash, perming, rebonding, hair dye, etc), you don’t have to worry about your hair being damaged because of the cheap products that they used.  . 😀

So… anybody up for some hairstyling or hair wash? I know I’m due for some hairstyling…my hair is getting unruly and very wild. 😀

Here’s the address of the hair studio, in case you wanna give it a try:

IMP Studio Prima Setapak:

16, Jalan Prima Setapak 3,Off Jalan Genting Klang, 53300, KL

Contact: 03-40214148, 012-2277007

IMP Studio Platinum Walk:

62, Platinum Walk No.2, Jalan Langkawi, Taman Danau Kota,53300, KL

Contact: 03-41420777

Cleffairy: IMP entertain walk-in clients, but if you do not wish to wait during peak hours and whatnot, do call in for an appointment.


  1. suituapui says:

    My hair…I don’t bother about it anymore. Just leave it… When too long,cannot tahan…go and cut short-short. Save money, no need for gaya…old man.


    after midnight and the hair salon was still open.. wow….. they are really desperate in getting customers. *ji pai tan* (in hokkien, money is hard to earn) good that you got yourself a good deal for a haircut. have a nice day =)

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