In vino veritas…

In vino veritas, in aqua sanitas. It’s a famous Latin saying which carries the meaning, in wine, there’s truth, in water, there’s health. I find it rather befitting in many events on of my life, considering that sometimes, when people had alcohol… they tend to blurt truth… though I see that as the disgusting by-product of alcohol.

I hate people who chooses alcohol when they’re depressed, because I am not the kind who prefer to indulge in the substance that’s known by science to be a depressant. I’d hate to be known as an alcoholic. I have no problems with people who take them occasionally to celebrate certain things or for a nightcap, though.

Many may not know this, but alcohols are actually depressant, though some may confuse it with an anti-depressant as it tends to lower one’s inhabitation when taken, and one feels that they could actually do anything after having some alcohol in their system…some people blurt out terrible truth after taking alcohol… while some, do weird, unmentionable things. In vino veritas indeed, for perhaps…wine or alcoholic drinks brings out the ‘you’ that you’re trying to suppress unconsciously.

In aqua sanitas…in water, there’s health. I have always believe in that, considering that our beloved Earth is 80% covered by water and our bodies are made of 80% fluids…. if I actually get my biology facts right.

Anyway… I’m straying… as I said, in aqua sanitas… I have always believed that water have a magical power to somewhat ‘heal’ one’s soul… it’s soothing, calming and comforting…and instead of just lowering your inhabitation like wine and many other alcoholic products, it freezes time, and free me from my worries.

You see… when I’m worried… when I’m depressed, when I’m lost… I would often take a very long hot shower…or go for a swim, and I’d feel that I’m closer to Him, because of the comfort it gives me.

When I am surrounded by wind… and water altogether… I couldn’t help but think… God, how mighty You are…You actually gave us health by surrounding us with air and water. You kept us alive by surrounding us with air and water. It’s abundant, but nobody seems to care enough about them to give thanks for the blessing, because despite of it’s importance…nobody would missed it until it’s gone.

One could live without many things around them…but could one live without water and air? Would one be healthy without air to fill their lungs and water to sustain their bodily fluids? The answer is no…  you wouldn’t even be breathing without air… nor will you stand on your two feet without your body being properly hydrated to sustain your biological system…and yet, I don’t see many people giving thanks for that, and therefore… today, Lord, I want to thank You for surrounding me with health… for keeping me alive… for allowing me to still breathe with precious air, and keeping my body function well with the water you provide…and thank you, for still keeping me alive and let me see how blessed I am to still be alive and surrounded by people who showed me kindness, people who cares for me, and loves me dearly.

Cleffairy: We are so small… so human…so…imperfect…so ungrateful… that we did not realized that when certain things are taken away from us…we are nothing. We are nothing without His ‘gifts’ for us.


  1. MRC says:

    Agree – To be thankful – “give thanks” song

    P.S : Ignore “my demand” that you’re obliged to comment on my postings…Jz joking of course..(sigh) – Last time little inbox & liangmui – later mammarzi used to comment – then slowly they drop like flies (same pattern as u) – My blog is jinxed!!!

    • Cleffairy says:

      *roll eyes* of course I know you’re joking…your blog is not jinx …things work the same way in my blog too… nothing is quite permanent… things come, things go… people come, people go… and I have to move on… *shrugs* even if nobody commented in my blog, I’d still be writing… cuz I write is just to jot down my thoughts…not 100% for the response… so I am ok wif it.

      • MRC says:

        I hope your eyes will not roll – i just audit test sample comments on yur blog & can now vouch that you & mamarazzi are 2 different person- She post comment as Kathy

  2. Nightwing says:

    Agree with you on how some people react after consuming alcohol. I am not a good drinker…for me my effect…become very quiet and sleepy…haha.

    But i have seen some people after drinking…talk loud, rude…not their ‘normal’ self.

    Have not drink alcohol since left old company… no need to entertain customers…:)

    • Cleffairy says:

      Yeah… cuz the alcohol gets to our brain, and we lost complete control to our brain… that is why sometimes, when people took some… they did many things that they came to regret later when they are sober. Good for you… not taking them anymore… lol… 😀

  3. suituapui says:

    I don’t drink anymore. Used to be a social drinking, when going out with friends to pubs and clubs… Now, not a drop of any kind of liquor. So the only alcohol intake for me now would be what’s used in cooking… I drink water or kopi-o-peng (but not at night – cannot sleep) – nothing else.

  4. Cleffairy says:

    I think taking alcohol every now and then is all right… drinking for special occasion or for a little entertainment… but not take loads of them everyday.
    My hubby sometimes take a nightcap to help him sleep… I am okay with that… but I’m not okay wif it if people take alcohol… just because they couldn’t control themselves… you know… like an alcoholic…somehow… that doesn’t sit too well with me… thank God my husband doesn’t take beer and whatnot like nobody’s business… I can never live with drunkard…or stay married to a drunkard!

  5. goldflower86 says:

    oh i am same like you. i love water. love to mandi sungai. make me feel better. read somewhere that scorpion love water. LOL.
    yeah alcohol is depressant and sometime make a fool of ourselves. ( i tripped and fell flat on floor one time). ish. bad memory

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