I’ve been Cikumuffin-ed

Those who knows me very well will know that I like to eat, but not exactly a fan of sweet and sugary stuff. I always prefer savoury stuff over sweet things to munch on. But every now and then, I will make an exception.

A couple of days ago, I received some goodies from Cikumuffin via Smallkucing and Mommyling. LOL. Both of them won the giveaway from Cikumuffin too, so I told Cikumuffin to just send it to Mommyling and I will pick it up whenever I meet either of them for dinner and whatnot.

So, to cut the long story short, I went and picked up the goodies from Smallkucing. The package consists of 4 pieces of Lemon Muffin in a white box and a container of Double Chocolate Chips cookies.

Lemon Muffins topped with exquisite lemony cream and pearly sugar.

Double Chocolate chip cookies by Cikumuffin.

Initially, I thought of just wanting to give all the muffin to Smallkucing to enjoy. You see, I’m not exactly in the mood of going out these days…I’ve been under the weather and whatnot, but Mamarazzi insists that she can’t finish it and I must have a bite of it cuz it tastes so heavenly. (truthfully, it’s hard to say no to Mamarazzi. Wakakaka… she always lure me with so much food so that I’ll come out from my vampire lair and I never failed to take a bite of her bait :P)

I was skeptical at first when I saw the pictures in Mommyling’s blog. Well, to be fair, I’m always skeptical when it comes to sweet stuff, and I thought the cookies and muffins are going to be just another one of those sweet things that I wouldn’t be able to push down my throat more than once. Most muffins are unbearably sweet, you know. (I wish I love to eat sweet stuff, though, cuz my sugar levels in my blood are always low, and doctors always advice me to take more sugary stuff)

But boy, was I wrong. Both Mamarazzi and Mommyling was right. Muffins made by Cikumuffin was really something to die for.

First of all, I was really impressed with the packaging. The muffins came in a lovely, semi-transparent box that I usually see in Malay weddings ‘hantaran’ ‘Hantaran’ is some sort of wedding gifts from bride to groom and vice versa. If I didn’t know it better, I could have sworn that these muffins are meant to be some sort of bridal gifts.

The taste of the muffins was really exquisite. It was not sweet as I initially thought it will be. Loved the fact that the cream that’s topping the muffin is not sweet, but sourish instead. It tasted like a hint of freshly squeezed lemon and bits of expensive cream cheese. The muffin itself was not dry like those you get from commercial bakeries too. It glided down my throat easily, and I could have sworn that the muffin was injected with some sourish lemon marmalade. (I could be wrong, though).

Overall, Cikumuffin’s Lemon muffins are addictive in some ways. I find it easy to get addicted to those lemony muffins. You’d want to have another one once you tasted one of these irresistible muffins. Needless to say, these muffins goes well with my cuppa tea. I daresay it’ll make a perfect dish during high tea or a tea party. It would be good for Chinese weddings too-where guests are usually unable to enjoy sweetly flavoured wedding cakes that has been prepared because they’re too stuffed from the nine course meal and whatnot.

I can’t really say much about the Double Chocolate Chip cookies, though. My husband and I only had one piece of the cookies each while the rest went into my son’s tummy. 🙁 My bad for leaving the cookies unattended. LOL! Can’t really give a fair and detailed review for these cookies, (cuz I only had one piece) except that Cikumuffin have been extremely generous with the chocolate chips, and it’s worth buying if you’re a fan of chocolaty products.

I was really impressed with the taste as well as the packaging and the branding. If you’d like to give it a try youself, do hop over to Cikumuffin’s Facebook Page for more infos on how you can order it.


Cleffairy: This is not a paid review, mind you. I’d criticize if the food does not taste good, freebies or no freebies. LOL. Pictures are courtesy of Smallkucing and Mamarazzi. You see, my photography skills don’t exactly give justice to anyone’s food. LOL.






    • Cleffairy says:

      Aiyaks… u din see Ling’s blog before this? Nvm…Ur bday I order some for u… or u wan more healthy treats? LOL… let’s see if Cikumuffin can make some oat cookies. Oat cookies oso sedap, and good for the heart 😀

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