Jornguan Little Farm Thai Rice Snacks

I did quite a lot of things in March 2021, despite the travel restriction was still imposed by Malaysian government. Throwback to March; I went to a couple of Ramadan events, took up Nitrox Specialty and gotten myself certified as a Nitrox Diver, went camping and I even went lake diving with my dive buddies. To be honest, I’m quite impressed with what I’ve achieved in March, considering we’re still under the state of national emergency.

Come April 2021, what did I do? Geez, I don’t know. It’s already mid April, and yet apart from sightseeing in Sky Mirror at Kuala Selangor earlier this month, it doesn’t seems like I’ve done much except for marathoning and binge-watching Thai Lakorns. Well, you can’t blame me, can you? Thai Lakorns are addictive. They’re even more addictive and intense than Cdramas and Kdramas, I kid you not. If you’ve watched Thai Lakorns, you’ll know what I mean. And oh, their Nang’ek and Pra’ek (female lead&male leads) are really hot and yummy.

Okay, okay. I’ll stop my fangirling. Let’s talk about Thai snacks instead. Here’s sharing with you my current favourite Thai snacks, the Jornguan Little Farm Thai Rice Snacks.
If Thai Lakorns and their Nang’ek and Pra’ek are addictive to watch, then these snacks are even more addictive and irresistible.

Jornguan Little Farm Thai Rice Snacks comes in 3 flavours; Butter Flavour, Chilli Paste Flavour and Sea Crab.

Little Farm Thai Rice Snack- Butter Flavour is really nice. Like the name suggest, it taste buttery, and slightly salty. Makes a great snacking companion if you don’t fancy spicy food. Children will find this flavour delightful on their palate. If you don’t like overwhelming flavours or can’t take spicy food, then this flavour is highly recommended.

Little Farm Thai Rice Snack- Chilli Paste Flavour is not for the faint hearted. This one is an explosion of flavour and is pretty hot and spicy. Those who loves flavourful snacks with tinge of spiciness will definitely appreciate it.

Little Farm Thai Rice Snack- Sea Crab Flavour. This one is my favourite. It taste pretty much like crabs, in the form of rice snack, that is.

I know I’ve been whining on social media about gaining weight due to the lack of exercise and staying home too much, and some of you will chide me for snacking while binge-watching drama and Lakorns, but give me some credit, okay? I know what I’m doing. These snacks I’ve been snacking on are made from healthy Thai black rice and they’re pretty much low in calories as they’re baked and not fried. The best part of all? These snacks also contains no preservatives, no artificial flavourings and no MSG! These snacks are rated by many as the most delicious Thai snacks and one a must get snack when you’re in Thailand.

Lucky us, it’s finally available in Malaysia. You can get it at:

*Family Mart
*Supervalue Mart

So, ladies and gentlemen, if you’re looking for low calories snack to munch on, be it as a treat, as a drama watching companion or during car rides, this might be your best bet.

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