Just another dangling stick

Passionate. A friend described me as a passionate person yesterday,and he was not wrong to describe me as such, because I am a passionate person, albeit on a more eccentric side. Most of the things that I have done are driven by passion.

Not many could take me as I am and more often than not, I’m always misunderstood. Many would accuse me for being malicious whenever I strongly express my opinion as they are not man enough to open their eyes and accept the fact that not all women are submissive in nature and would be contented with being trashed and bullied all the time.

Perhaps some men are used to be around meek and docile women who are afraid to speak up, and therefore is shocked and intimidated whenever they accidentally get themselves in an argument with me. Sorry…I am not the sort of woman who can agree with men who strongly believe that they are superior than others and thinks so highly of themselves. Such a thing disgust me and I most definitely have no qualms about pointing that out blatantly to their face openly in public.

I have always say to men in general; protect women as if they are your daughter, love them as if they are your other half and respect them as if they are your mother. But if they can’t take that advice and continuosly be a chauvinist pig that they are, I shall pass them as being plainly obnoxious and what they will get from me is not the attention they they desrperately crave, but cold indifference that will humiliate them openly, as they don’t worth a pittance and is not worthy of my time.

Having a stick on between of your legs does not make you a man. It just means that you have a dangling stick in between your legs. Amusing how some owners of these ‘dangling sticks’ thinks they are high and mighty because of these sticks dangling in between their legs.

Accepting defeat with grace and having the courage to admit you are wrong instead of continuosly trying to prove yourself right regardless of the situation however, makes you a man regardless of your gender.

Cleffairy:  Are you a real man or just a person with a dangling stick? 😀


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