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Everyone’s favorite social network recently got a facelift. The new Facebook includes several new features, including the Timeline structure. While users can still currently use the old wall, Timeline is quickly becoming the norm. Here’s what you need to know about the revised Facebook:

  • The Timeline – Overall, Timeline has proven to be a lot more pleasing to users than Facebook’s last big rollout, the News Feed. There are likely a few reasons for this greater acceptance. While the Timeline makes it a bit easier to peer into the lives of your friends, it seems social network users are more comfortable with opening up online these days. The Timeline itself is a cool feature which was has worked fairly seamlessly since it arrived. From a business angle, Facebook’s constant evolution makes sense; on the Internet, excitement is practically a prerequisite of success.
    What’s cool about Timeline? It presents information in a much more visually stimulating way. Instead of a single column of recent wall posts, there are two columns of information. In these columns, similar events are aggregated and others are highlighted. This makes it easier for you to curate your profile to reflect where you’ve been and what you’re into. It changes the profile from a pure communication tool into a more comprehensive online journal.
  • Social Apps – New applications have also been added that are designed to leverage the social nature of Facebook (rather than games or quizzes which you complete by yourself). For example, Netflix and the music streaming service Spotify have recently added Facebook apps. These allow you to see what your friends are listening to and watching and can help you discover new media or other things which are interesting to you. From an Internet marketing standpoint, this is genius, as it allows users to incorporate brands into their online lives. If you’re interested in the nuts and bolts of Internet marketing, consider getting a marketing degree online.
  • Life Events and Place Tags – Part of the transition from the wall to Timeline has been the creation of life events and place tags. Life events are a way to add momentous occasions to your profile, such as moving, traveling or getting married. You can tag friends or loved ones in your life events and the event will also show up on their profile. Place tags have been around for a while, but they are now integrated into Timeline. Along with your photo albums and “Likes,” users can click on a map which shows all the place tags you have added to your profile.



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