Justice League Fever in Resorts World Genting

As a child, I was a huge fan of all things fantasy and superheroes. While other girls were busy playing with their dolls and playing house as a child, I stood aside and pretended that I was a superheroine fighting imaginary monsters and trying to save the world from getting destroyed by evil villains. My favourite play pretend character were; Power Rangers, Son Goku, Sailormoon and Supergirl.

While other girls were busy hanging out at malls or going on dates with their boyfriends during their teenage years, I had a huge crush on Clark Kent a.k.a Superman and I was always concerned on what will happen in the next episode of Lois&Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. I was obsessed with the show. While my obsession gains disapproval from my parents, I regret nothing, as obsessing over the fictional Superman brought about positive changes in my life. It was a life-changing turning point for me. Without Superman, I will not be who I am today.

Sounds farfetched? Believe it, because it’s true. For those who are familar with Superman would know that his civilian’s alter ego is the mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent from Daily Planet. Working alongside with his sassy top-notch partner and love interest Lois Lane, Clark and Superman usually saves Metropolis and and writes exclusive articles that has no fear or favour by the end of each episodes. I was always fascinated by the scenes in the newsroom of Daily Planet and how both Lois and Clark handles their news items and writes them into great article pieces. On a personal level, I was inspired on how good reporting could change readers’ life for the better. Clark and his alter ego Superman have always delivered truth and justice, and I wanted that too. Since then, I took immense interest in writing inspiring stories during my spare time. When it was time to pursue my tertiary education, I signed up for Mass Communication and majored in Journalism and ventured into the world of mass media and benefited from the experience of it in countless ways. Today, I am a writer, novelist, blogger and owned my very own small online media company.

For most, Superman is just another fictional superheroes with extraordinary powers. But to me, the character and it’s storyline is an inspiration worth writing about.

I’m now in my early 30s. Plenty of things about me changed throughout the years, but one thing still remain constant; fictional heroes especially Superman still makes my heart beat faster whenever I watch on TV or the movies.

Justice League Fever at Resorts World Genting

Uploaded by K Network Media on 2017-11-21.

Anyway, speaking of movies , a series of exciting activities will take place at SkyAvenue, Resorts World Genting from 10th to 26th November 2017 in conjunction with the Justice League Movie premier in PictureHouse Cinema, SkyAvenue. Justice League is a franchise of DC Comics product. As a Superman fangirl, Justice League is a must see for me as Superman is one of the many superheroes characters by DC Comics. Words has it that Superman will be making an appearance in the movie alongside with other DC Comics Superheroes.


Roadshows, characters meet and greet and awesome AR games can be spotted at Level 3 where the DC Superheroes Comics Retail & Cafe is located.


Keep your eyes peeled for it should you visit SkyAvenue from 10th to 26th November 2017. The superheroes will be making an appearance and you can take a pic or two with them, free of charge.


If you are a huge fan of DC Comics superheroes, you’d definitely appreciate the DC Super Heroes Cafe in SkyAvenue.


The young and the young at heart will definitely love this highly instagrammable cafe and if you are looking for some fun time dining with your family, this is one of the place in SkyAvenue that I think is really worth both your money and your time.


The cafe served plenty of cute superhero themed food and beverages. You may read my experience dining at the cafe HERE.


And if you are a Genting Rewards card member, you can redeem one free pass to a Justice League movie screening at PictureHouse Cinema (Level 1, SkyAvenue) when you earn more than 2GP at participating outlets. Also, you can stand a chance to win a limited edition Royal Selangor Batman pewter figurine worth RM1,950.


Sounds fun, no? Then what are you waiting for? Go on up to Resorts World Genting and experience all things DC Comics and Justice League above the clouds at Resorts World Genting.

For more info on the events related to Justice League in Resorts World Genting, check out here: https://www.rwgenting.com/Justice-League

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Disclaimer: Some pictures credit to bloggers Hanny Abdullah and Khir Khalid.

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