Ramadan Kampung Poolside Dining Experience in JW Marriott Kuala Lumpur

If you are looking for some relaxing buka puasa this coming Ramadan, why not go for JW Marriott Kuala Lumpur and indulge in their mouth-watering delights, featuring over 130 of the best Malay delicacies by the poolside? Just imagine breaking your fast by the poolside instead of a stuffy restaurant. Just the reward that you might want after a whole day fasting.

I managed to sample some of the delicacies that they will be offering this coming Ramadan and I must say that I’m quite impressed.

JW Marriott is spoiling the diners quite a bit but here’s highlighting what’s worth mentioning :

 photo IMG_0915_zpsbdwv2eyo.jpg

Roasted Lamb is a must try over here. I took a bite of it and approves the flavourful taste of the meat.

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Gerai BBQ and Satay

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The BBQ section features satay with a choice of chicken and beef satay.

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Delicious chicken satay, and I was told that this is the chef’s pride and joy and definitely a must try at the buffet. The satay are to be taken with the sweet and spicy peanut sauce and a side of nasi impit as well as cucumber and onion slices on the side. I always opt for the chicken ones over the beef, but do give the beef version of the satay a try too. They are just as wonderful.

 photo IMG_0924_zpsqq4qonc3.jpg

Gerai Nasi Kandar featuring the all time Malaysian favourite mixed rice and accompanying curries that can be commonly found in mamak joints.

 photo IMG_0930_zps0koy7wut.jpg

Nasi Briyani

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Kobis Goreng Kunyit

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Lamb curry

 photo IMG_0929_zpsur14tbgc.jpg

Masaala Chicken

 photo IMG_0937_zpscfm2giwj.jpg

Not really into Nasi Kandar and Indian food? Want something less complex and mild on the palate for iftar? No fret. Nasi Ayam, or chicken rice, the undoubtly an all time Malaysian favourite is also available for your dining pleasure by the poolside this coming Ramadan too.

 photo IMG_0942_zpsifyscjaw.jpg

Fragrant chicken rice. The rice is positively authentic and good. It is the no-nonsence kind and is to be taken with a healthy helping of chicken as the side dish, of course. There is two types of chicken that you can choose to have with your rice; the steamed version and the roasted version.

 photo IMG_0940_zpsrlav8lni.jpg

Roasted chicken. Crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, and was rather greasy. No. That is not a complain. I love slightly greasy roasted chicken to go with my chicken rice. It is much more satisfying that way. Not quite healthy and quite a cholesterol fest, but hey, I’m a foodie and I only live once. :p I’m entitled to such indulgence, don’t I?

 photo IMG_0938_zpshwsvmdte.jpg

Steamed chicken. Definitely a healthier alternative in comparison to the roasted version as the roasted ones is much greasier. The health conscious would definitely approve but I won’t comment much on this as I gave this a miss in favour of the roasted version.

 photo IMG_0941_zpshdxiqxat.jpg

Chicken soup. An optional side to the plate of chicken rice.

 photo IMG_0943_zpsmgcqrqg0.jpg

Sambal, soya sauce, cucumber and garnishings for the chicken rice.

 photo IMG_0974_zpsulnsyjcr.jpg

Selera Utama consists of assorted traditional favourite that can be commonly found in a Malay kitchen.

 photo PhotoGrid_1433270980987_zpshbhzcps2.jpg

Assorted traditional curries and dishes to go with steamed white rice. In the picture is ayam lemak cili padi, rendang ayam, black pepper beef, ikan masin talang masak lemak, 
panjeri nanas, paru goreng and Chinese mix vege. Apart from these, there is of all traditional Malay favourite main dishes such as ayam masak kicap, ayam masak merah, ayam percik kelantan, kari kambing, sambal udang petai, fried chicken with dried chili, daging masak halia, sweet and sour fish, kurma ayam, labu masak lemak pucuk manis, sayur campur, rendang ayam, redang daging, daging kunyit, paru goreng berlada, sotong goreng kunyit and more. There is something that will most definitely agree with you even if you don’t fancy the ones that I have tried.

 photo IMG_0944_zpseipohur9.jpg

Gerai Ulam dan Kerabu is also available and you will appreciate the fact that they are offering plenty to perk up your palate with.

 photo PhotoGrid_1433271449821_zpsfo65ciw4.jpg

Assorted sambals originating from various states in Malaysia. Sambal belacan, sambal tempoyak, sambal mangga, sambal nenas, cencaluk, and of course, budu. Spicy and pungent start to a traditional Malay fair is highly recommended. These does not disappoint.

 photo IMG_0960_zpssmbo11wl.jpg

Fresh Ulams. I’m not very good at recognizing those traditional leaf and herbs but I spotted some familar ones. Pegaga, terung, jantung pisang and petai is safely present in the buffet.

 photo IMG_0947_zpsqoj1vqyt.jpg

Ikan Pekasam Goreng Berlada. I tried this once during Lenggong Food Festival last year and it was unforgettable and I’m glad to be able to have a repeated experience this year.

 photo IMG_0954_zpsljqqcszc.jpg

Acar Rampai. Made from assorted preserved fruits, this jam-like side dish is great with plain white rice.

 photo IMG_0956_zpsrdyccg5s.jpg

Kerabu Daging was nothing short of sensational.

 photo IMG_0952_zpsp2xa30ec.jpg

Kerabu Mangga dengan Udang was a tad too spicy to my liking but I like it as they are quite generous with the fish sauce and the prawns.

 photo PhotoGrid_1433272222024_zps6cniopfe.jpg

Assorted modern and traditional kuih is available for dessert, but do keep a lookout for their bread and butter pudding. It was amazingly addictive.

 photo IMG_0973_zpsbmkalld3.jpg

And then of course after all the heavy dining done, there is local fruits to cleanse our palate with.

Personally I’m impressed with the fact that JW Marriot makes an effort to keeping our traditional Malaysian delicacies alive through these type of buffets. It is refreshing to see real Malaysian food instead of fancy international cuisine in Ramadan buffet. Dining here makes me feel like I’m breaking fast with my family and friends at home.

Below is the information on the Kampung Poolside Dining Experience in JW Marriott for the upcoming Ramadan 2015:

Poolside (June 17, 2015 onwards)  – RM 95.00 nett per adult and RM48.00 nett per child.

4th Floor (June 17, 2015 onwards) – RM 85.00 nett per adult and RM 43.00 nett per child.

For bookings and reservation :

JW Marriot
183 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.14765, 101.71372
Tel: 03-2715 9000

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