KA ME HA ME HA!!! Huh? (Kamehameha)

When I was in highschool, I indulge myself in the world of manga( and still indulging occasionally). My top favourites are Sailormoon (duh), and…*drumrolls* DRAGONBALL! My peers, especially girls did not really share my interest. Now… i found out that the Hollywood people are going to make a live action for Dragonball. I practically shriek! How the hell are they going to make Goku’s hairstyle? *snarl*

Apparently, this is what they have in mind. *snort* This will be more worst than Sailormoon live action. At least Sailormoon live action are made in Japan and they used Japanese cast. (Besides the wig in Sailormoon, the storyline are pretty acceptable)

Note: This is a Japanese version of the poster. The guy playing Son Goku is Justin Chatwin. Sigh… the hair… it’s… I really dunno what to say.

Really SAD la, oi! How can they ruin the image of my childhood hero? Goku looks like punk! And what the fuck is he doing in a T-shirt? He’s supposed to wear the training gi! *growl* Some things are best remain as manga or anime character. But no, the Hollywood people must do something and ruin it!

Anyway, KAMEHAMEHA is not just a qi blast that can blast you to the next dimension. It’s a King’s name. A Hawaiian King’s name. Here’s abit about Kamehameha: Kamehameha, the great warrior, who invaded Maui in 1790 and finally, 20 years later, subdued all the Hawaiian islands, occupies a special place in the history of Hawai’i. Conqueror, king, statesman and lawgiver, Kamehameha (circa 1758-1819) has been called the Napoleon of the Pacific.


  1. warrior2 says:

    I am a dragonball fanatic.

    I will save my breadth until I see the movie. If the movie is as good as most of the DC and MARVEL movies being churned out lately, I wouldnt mind to have it in live action. Live action gives it more reality than cartoon characters.

    Long live GOKU

  2. cleffairy says:

    They better be good, or my image on Son Goku would be ruined forever….(sigh, when it finally comes out, yea, I’m gonna watch it….cuz i’m a fan), and i still can’t believe my mom threw my collections out when i went for college. *sad*

  3. ARC says:

    not only this, the Hollywood also screw other movies up esp my favourite horror stories like The Grudge. Same thing goes to The Ring and Dark Water

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