Kama Sutra Music Score

I’ve been keeping this in my PC for quite some time now, and I thought of sharing with all of you here. One would easily mistake it for a normal music score, but if you look closely, you’ll notice that it’s not an ordinary music score, and personally I found that it’s quite cute.

Cleffairy: Making love is an art, so be creative and don’t be such a lazy lame duck who sought only for self satisfaction.


  1. ktx says:

    good in u clef…u can decipher how each and everyone act unfolds ah? power lah u..btw, u get to do 2 in 1….the ‘sutra’ and yoga!

  2. Pauline Perfectionista says:

    Gotta love this one, haha! The next time someone tells me that reading music notation is boring, I’m directing them over to your post here *giggles*

    Liz, you would’ve played that prank on a piano teacher.. how could you! I used to be one.. I would’ve died if a student did that to me *gasp*

    (But come to think of it, you’re right.. I’m starting to feel like it’ll be kinda fun giving my piano teacher a heart-attack too, hahaha) 😀

  3. claire says:

    hi Cleff.. its been quite awhile since i last came here.. i told myself .. i better add u up .. so much to read over here, the campuran… happy and not so happy episodes of life..
    yes, i believe each of us have our ups and downs in life, we face lots of challenges along our journey… good u have overcome yr depression, u r a much stronger person now, weakness makes us strong aftermath… but dont say revenge makes u climb up again la… hahaha… scary la…

  4. Shinky says:

    So this is the typical senario where the Piano teacher and her student “accident” during the course of learning and teaching music eh? ^.^

  5. Cheeyee says:

    Evil fairly…. I do have a pretty gf called herself evilfairy…. hehehe. It has been a while since I met her last… missing her though.

    I used to be a piano teacher. but I don’t think I will jump up if if my students show me this. And don’t think will have any student show me this too. Don’t remember I have any ‘naughty’ students in my memory. Because mostly are kids. LMAO!

    p/s: The last bar is challenging…. hehehe

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