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I’m in my early 30s. Married and is a mother of 1. I’m very petite in size and people around me are usually envious of my ability to eat and yet not gain weight. But what people does not know is that while it is true that I don’t gain overall weight easily, I do have problematic areas on my body; eg: my tummy. It is rather flabby and bulge easily. I guess all the fat goes to that part of my body instead of evenly distributing to the rest of my body.

That doesn’t please me, of course, as it looks pretty strange whenever I put on a tight fitting dress as the tummy will protrude out. It seriously looks ugly in the pictures and therefore, I made it my personal mission to trim that part of my body, despite being underweight. Yes, I’m vain. But I’m not the only woman who is guilty of that, aren’t I? There are plenty of women out there who are self conscious about their bodies, and I’m no exception, despite being underweight.

As I said earlier, being petite does not mean I don’t have any issues. Consuming any diet pills or undergo an aesthetic procedure to trim off the unwanted inches is out of the question. I’m not fat enough to begin with, and therefore, my solution is just exercising and trim it off.

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However, exercising does not always mean it would be effective. It was a really problematic area and the fat over there are really stubborn, but thank God I’ve been introduced to XIERRA Thermal Pants.

As of writing, I’ve been wearing the pants to do sit ups for the last 14 days and I must say that it is pretty effective. I could actually see the bulge getting a tad lesser after faithfully working out for the last two weeks by using the pants during my painful sit up sessions. This is enough to impress me although I have yet to gain a really nice, trimmed tummy. Definitely gives me more confidence to wear tight fitting dresses without having to worry about the tummy awkwardly bulging out of place and I’m sure with more workouts, I would be able to get the toned tummy that I desperately wanted.

Here’s some unique key features of XIERRA Thermal Pants: 

*Burns more calorie while exercising 
*Produce more sweat in shorter time
*Effectively reduce the size of thighs, hips & waist
*Dry & comfortable feeling on the outside
*Dynamic flexibility
*Helps to increase agility while on the move

Interested to get one for yourself? Well, here’s some tips:

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In order to get an optimum result, the pants should be nicely fit. If you are in between 2 sizes, I would recommend you to choose 1 size down to avoid it from being loose. The pants needs to be smugly fit for maximum result.

One nice thing about the pants is that it is stretchable up to 6 inches from its original size. Comfortability of each person may differ but don’t fret if you choose the wrong size. You may exchange it for free if you got the size that does not fit you nicely.

Need a motivation to lose weight? Here’s one: XIERRA is offering RM1000 hard cold cash to the best weight loser.

Not just that, if you purchase XIERRA Thermal Pants now, you’ll be in the running to win RM1,000 in #xierraweightlosschallenge. It is really simple!

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You MUST be holding or even better, wearing XIERRA Thermal Pants, as proof of purchase.

Photo of the best transformation, with the most inspiring caption will be crowned winner in January.

For more information on XIERRA Thermal Pants or to place your order please refer to the information below:

Whatsapp: 010-847 2611
Instagram: @xierra.official

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