Kembara #dekatje: Riverside Chalet at Kalumpang Resort and Training Centre

As I mentioned in my previous post where I summarized my family’s retreat at Kalumpang Resort and Training Centre with our friends from Tourism Malaysia Selangor, the place is an agro tourism resort that was built in the orchards on land covering 17 acres and is a haven for those who would love to get close to nature.

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Entrance to Kalumpang Resort and Training Centre

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Kalumpang Resort and Training Centre Location Plan

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Walking towards the entrance, guests will be greeted by the resident parrot, who amazingly doubled as a ‘receptionist’ for the souvenir shop.

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And a cheeky monkey who’d do anything for you to get you to release him from the cage during his non play time.

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There is a river located deep inside the resort, and one does not necessarily have to be a guest of the resort to enjoy the river activities or a relaxing riverside picnic. The place is accessible to public and daily pass can be obtained at the reception house outside for RM10 per adult and RM5 per child.

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Kalumpang Resort and Training Centre has more than 70 units of chalets built with both natural and modern elements. Apart from that, there are hostels for visitors who came in groups. For those who are more adventurous. campsites with tents are available for rent. Sleeping bags is however not included.

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Out chalet was located deep inside of the Kalumpang Resort and Training Centre.

It was about 8 minutes walk away from the entrance of the resort.

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By luck or chance, the room allocated to my family happens to be just by the riverside, so we have quite a great view from our room.

Aerial view of our chalet

Our chalet, with balcony overlooking the river.

 photo IMG_9395_zpsxeeob2a_edit_1447228642983_zpskmseh7vd.jpg

The chalet is meant for couple and is equipped with a sofa and TV at the livingroom and a Queen size bed at the bedroom.

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Queen size bed. The bedroom is equipped with air conditioner, which we did not use at all throughout the duration of our stay as the air was already cold and refreshing and is almost freezing at night.

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There is bathroom ensuite for your convenience, but as the place’s concept is kinda back to nature, there is no hot water shower installed. Water sources is from the mountain, so it is really refreshing.

While it’s quite embarrassing to admit, but I have to say that although my husband and I have a habit of sharing the shower together whenever we are on trips and we are usually much more interested in the bathroom much more than our bedroom, my husband and I only used the shower twice, as we spent most of our time bathing in the nature; in the river itself with our friends from Tourism Malaysia Selangor. I’m not sure if anyone would approve of that, behaving like some juvenile teenager on the loose and launching water splashing wars, but hey, the water activities here in Kalumpang Resort and Training Centre is a big thing, and the water temperature in the river isn’t terribly cold, and therefore we found the great river is much more fun than our bathroom. 😉

Our chalet was RM200 per night, inclusive of breakfast for two.

For bookings and inquiries, please refer to the information below.


Head Office:
Lot 426 & 427 Jalan Sg Inki,Kg Pasir Putih, Kalumpang 44100 Kerling, Hulu Selangor, Selangor
Tel : 03-6049 1969
Fax : 03-6049 1087
Email : [email protected][email protected]


  1. Sebrinah Yeo says:

    Wow! It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a chalet like this! Nowadays all renovated until so modernized. This takes me back in time where there were not too many technology savvy (facebook and smart phones haven’t existed). Very down to earth & in tune with nature

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