Kenangan Syawal Terindah MV – eWana Raya 2014

I first heard this song, ‘Kenangan Syawal Terindah’ by DJ Teguh of eWana FM during the Iftar with eWana FM at Pak John Steamboat&BBQ, and fell in love with it immediately. The song gave me goosebumps. The singer is really talented. There is so much emotions in the song. Having heard DJ Teguh singing it live, without music during the iftar when everyone else has gone back convinced me that he could reach the hearts of many through his voice.

The lyrics is so meaningful and bittersweet. Basically it means that children often take parents for granted, and the lyrics reminds us to look back and appreciate our parents.

Meeting my parents occasionally and only a few times as we are geographically apart after I got married and have a family of my own, I could relate to this song. As adult children, we often take our parents for granted, and more often than not, by the time we realized our wrongdoings and ill ways, it is already too late. Truthfully, I owe it to the song…it reminds me how blessed I am to have parents who cares for me from afar, although I am quite ‘distant’ from them. It is indeed a meaningful song and yes, in my humble opinion, DJ Teguh delivered the song perfectly

Although I have the eWana Raya 2014 CD, I was still not satisfied and was looking forward to the soon to be published MV for the song.

And now it’s out! Fresh from YouTube, and here’s sharing my favourite Raya song this year with all of you readers out there. 🙂


 photo IMG_287503019748381_zpsmslxbnhi.jpeg

This is the actual CD (no MV). With the mere cost of RM21.90 per CD, 30% proceeds of the sale of this album would go to the war ravaged victims in Gaza. There are five originally composed and never heard before songs in this album sung by the eWana All Stars a.k.a the celebrity deejays in eWana.FMHere’s your chance to give a tremendous value to your money while you entertain yourselves with some catchy but nostalgic Hari Raya songs.

To place an order, do contact  or Wan Salam


Cleffairy: No prize guess what song will be blaring in my car during my journey back home for raya. 😛


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