Things I Hate When I’m on Holiday

What do you hate most about festive seasons? Traffic jams? Hotels or flights fully booked and traveling is simply a hassle? I guess almost everyone hates these stuff during festive season, but to me, these are just trivial stuff.

What I hate most while I’m holidaying with my loved ones is DISTURBANCE from inconsiderate people…in the form of ‘communications’. You know…the usual things…emails…private messages and most annoying ones are definitely smses and phonecalls just to pester me about important things.

I know this sounds petty, but I seriously can’t help but feel aggravated each time people contact me for non urgent things while I’m spending quality time with people who really loves me. It upsets me. I don’t like to be disturbed when I’m with my family doing things that actually makes me feel happy.

Sometimes I wonder if I have been mixing with the wrong bunch of people and needs to change my social circle. Obviously I need people who respects me as an individual to grow positively as a person, not people who treats me like a child to be monitored all the time.

Cleffairy: Some ties are really suffocating.


  1. Mun says:

    Time to cut some ties. I guess after you told them.that you are on holiday and not to ve disturbed and they still do it then it is really time to distance yourself from.them.

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