When was the last time you saw or fly a kite?

It’s been awhile for me. More than a decade, in fact and I have come to realized that my son had no idea what a kite is and what does. My fault, I supppose. I’ve been raising him as an indoor kid rather than an outdoor kid who will not think twice about getting dirty in the mud.

Quite some time ago…my son and I stumbled upon loads of kites made by other children in a shopping centre. It’s a part of a competition or something.

Pretty cool, aren’t they? I think it’s pretty cool. I thought that they are very creative and eye-catchy, especially the Angry Bird one.

Neway, my son decided to make one and brings it home. Not as pretty as the other, but I thought it’s nice nevertheless. I wonder when I can bring him to fly the kite. Time is quite a commodity and privilege that I do not have!

Cleffairy: I stopped doing a lot of things since a decade ago. Such a shame that life has become so boring and unexciting.


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