Let’s make love…

Now, please get your head out of the gutter. What I really want to say is let’s make love, not war. I know it’s really hard… especially with the corrupt people out there with loads of sinister plan to keep and every one of us apart…to keep us from being united…to execute the age old military ‘divide and conquer’ in a more modern and subtle way so that they could benefit from our emotional sentiments.

I really couldn’t understand… why people hate one one another, just because they speak different language and have different skin colour? God loves variety, that is why he ‘paint’ us differently. Imagine everyone looking the same, sounding the same, now that would be not only disgustingly horrific, but would would be such a bore, wouldn’t it?

Anyway… I’m kinda sick with the bloody 1Malaysia campaign, especially when even with the bloody campaign being shouted around, things still remain the same, and there are still people who hate one another because of each other’s difference.

I don’t understand why our Prime Minister is concentrating on shouting about unity… keep reminding us to be united when we could have a better way of being united… which is working towards the same goal and achieve excellence. Okay… I admit… perhaps my mind is still living in Tun Dr. M’s era… but back then… I feel that whole Malaysia have a purpose…have a reason… to work together, that is why back then, racial sentiments are not exactly the things you heard in schools and whatnot. Back then, we got no time to think about how different we are, because the former Prime Minister keep urging us to advance, move forward, and be competitive. I think that was healthier for the nation. We were much more motivated than now. There’s issues, yes, but having principals screaming racial stuff in school assemblies is unheard off back then.

In my humble opinion… constantly telling people to be united is just reminding people how different we are, and through that, we’re reminding ourself that we’re not exactly equal. Maybe the current PM does not think this way and he means well with his slogan, but sometimes, the effect of his campaign is just the same as reverse psychology…what a misfortune.

Instead of that keep reminding people that they are different and reminding them to be united, why can’t we just forget the whole bloody thing, and continue to work and make our country better in terms of technology, education and economy?

Working together towards the same goal is better than keep reminding people that they are different and keep telling them to be united, because once we have a goal to achieve…once we’re motivated to move forward, we’d be automatically united to work and achieve something to make our country stand up in the eyes of the world again.

Come on… *sigh* let’s make love, not war. Let’s work and achieve something instead of just wallowing on how different we look and how strange we all sound to each other.  Do our part in nation building.We got better things to do than waste time in reminding each other that we’re different and constantly reminding ourselves that we’re different. That’s not news. What’s news is that we still have a lot to learn, and time does not wait for us… and so does the rest of the world.

Cleffairy: You know what’s the REAL problem with Malaysian? The real problem is we’re too free…we got too much time on hand, that is why we have nothing better to do in our free time and we irk each other to pass time! Do you agree to disagree with me? Feel free to jot your thoughts.

ps: Does anyone have a Punjabi or an Indian girl to intro to my 5 year old Chinese son? You know… I think we can work something out…let the kids gets to know each other and learn to love one another. Who knows? We’d be family one day. I bet the grandchildren will look really pretty! I’d really like to have an excuse to celebrate Deepavali! Ohh, yummylicious food and pretty saree and henna! LOLOL!


  1. dating sites for 50 year olds says:

    Since nobody leave comment, I just wanna say : Yes it’s an echo heard over & OVER again!! Phew some people even can bragged if they go out with people of different race- as if something to shout about..Hello, when we’re younger attending national primary school – we mixed with all races lar!! (already the 1malaysia concept there)

    • Cleffairy says:

      They dun dare to leave comment on this one punya la. LOL. Ish… brag about going on dates with different race? Tak hairan pun… my family are multi racial and multi culture. We celebrate CNY, Raya, Xmas… have yet to celebrate Deepavali officially, though… nobody in the family married any Punjabi or Indians yet. I daresay it’s just a matter of time.

  2. Cheeyee says:

    Erm, not everyone that you can make love with. Some people, no matter how hard you try, will never “click”. It has nothing to do with races or nationality. I blame it on fate! LOL!

  3. kristy says:

    Gosh, I love your title very much! HAHAHA…. What a great topic… yeah, sometimes we just don’t get it. Why they have to fight for everything! I still think the most important thing is “Respect”! Without respect the world will turn upside down. That is! Hope you’re enjoying your weekend.
    Cheers, Kristy

  4. Irene says:

    yes you have valid points there, clef and how i’m so bored and cynical of all these unity propoganda, but my dad thinks different… his opinions are tun dr m sent the malays to jihad schools overseas and now this is the result… it take years to see today, and this is what happened, badawi and najib cleaning shhit, but as they do and esp as najib is bz telling ppl to unite, he’s milking us all dry right beneath our noses… look at the free land giveaway to ttdi naza near mont kiara, and other projects… anyway, if we sit down and talk abt msian politics today, we’ll never end, it’s sad… we shud all be moving fwd, heading towards 2020 (does anyone remember this?) and i like the punjabi girl part for your son, oh, now i know your son is 5yo… same as my vic, but sorry, dunno any wor…

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