Wishing us to last forever…

My husband is quite a traditional person while I do almost everything to defy tradition. A few days ago, recalling that the midautumn festival is near, my husband began to crave for mooncakes while I couldn’t really be bothered about it. But being meciful and taking pity on the poor soul, we went out for a mooncake hunt. And we brought back this. It costs us Rm 2.50. And I was rather amused…

Because in the semi darkness of the night, these looks like some Mickey Mouse mooncakes… and the cake seller told us that these are Mickey Mouse shaped mooncakes, but when we brought them home… it happens that they are not mooncakes, but Mickey Mouse sponge cakes with the colourings of mooncake skin, filled with melted chocolates. LOL.

Poor husband… LOL…and lucky me. He was looking for mooncakes, but got chocolate filled sponge cakes instead. But I can’t say I pity him that much, because he enjoyed the cakes nevertheless, because he’s a huge fan of chocolate melting in his mouth.

What’s the lesson of the story, folks? The lesson here is that one ought to learn to live with the fact that we cannot always have what our heart desire, and sometimes, the best things in life are surprises and mistakes, and as long as we learn to take the world as it is instead of how we want it to be, we’ll be contented and happy. 😀 Ponder on that, and here’s wishing all Malaysians out there a very Happy Midautumn festival, and wish the love that you had for your loved ones last forever.

Here’s dedicating 但愿人长久 (Wishing us to last forever) to all of you out there.


Cleffairy: The best things in life are unplanned…


    • Cleffairy says:

      *blink blink* Eh, I dunno… if by mistake or on purpose, cuz the cake seller spoke Cantonese to him and I dun understand… lol… but if it’s on purpose…that’s sweet of him and I guess I owe him a kiss. Hahahaha!

  1. suituapui says:

    We just have to realise that we can’t always have everything…and we need to make the best of what we have…nor can we have everything our way all the time. I think I’ll just cut and paste my reply to your comment in my blog here:
    “Reality bites. A marriage is NOT an life-long courtship and honeymoon – it needs BOTH parties to work together…and A WHOLE LOT of giving and taking. It takes a HUGE sacrifice on the part of BOTH…no room for selfishness, no time to wallow in self-pity, appreciate ALL that…and when the love grows from day to day, only then can it be a beautiful sacred union to last a lifetime. Many today are simply too self-centred…and hence, their marriages are doomed right from that start…and they put the blame on fate, no jodoh! Perhaps they should take one good look at themselves…”

  2. Chloe'sMummy says:

    There is a Chinese saying that goes “wrong, got wrong’s blessing”. Your Mickey sponge cakes turned out to be something nicer (and very much cheaper too). I don’t buy mooncakes because they are too overpriced!

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