Lipsticks and high heels forbidden in Kelantan

Below is an article from The Star Malaysia, 24th June 2008, Tuesday. And above is a video from youtube, showing a girl who is ‘properly attired’ according to Islamic teachings screwing around. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not porn. No taking off clothes or nudity involved. Parental guide adviced.

KOTA BARU: Muslim women employees working here are forbidden to wear lipstick and high-heeled shoes to work.

This directive is contained in a municipal council circular dated May 25 and signed by its president Shafie Ismail, which has been distributed to business premises here. A check, however, found that only a few tenants had received the circular this week.

The circular stated that the directive, targeted at Muslim women employees working in food outlets and other business premises, was issued to prevent incidents like rape and illicit sex as well as to safeguard the morals and dignity of Muslim women in Kelantan.

It stated that Muslim women were forbidden to wear thick make-up, bright coloured lipstick and high-heeled shoes which made a tapping sound.

Those who insisted on wearing high-heeled shoes should choose those with rubber soles.

Attempts to contact Shafie for clarification were futile.

The directive on the wearing of lipstick and high-heeled shoes are in addition to the wearing of scarves, which should cover the chest and not be of transparent material, blouses with long sleeves, which were long and loose, as well as socks.

Those who do not adhere to the regulation can be fined up to RM500. – Bernama


Lipsticks and high heels are forbidden in Kelantan. Women are not allowed to make themselves look pretty, but encourage to look like an old hag. What’s next? Unmarried women, widows and divorcees are to wear chastity belt until they are married? That is absurd!

I’m growing pretty wary of these kind of ignorant rules and regulation on women’s dressing code in Kelantan. These stupid men don’t use their brain to think, do they? Why not ask the women to wear ‘kain kapan’ and design something that will make them look like a dead body instead?  That ought to stop rape and ‘safeguard their dignity and moral’. Better still, just castrate the entire male population in Kelantan so that they won’t be able to have sex with anyone at all. Wouldn’t it be better? Just castrate the men. 100% guaranteed that there will be no rape cases. Why put all the blame on women when men are ought to be blame for their lust too. How about rape cases that happens at home? Most of the rape cases in Kelantan happens in the safety of the women’s home. Those incest case and stuff. How about those? How can you be sure that the Kelantanese ladies are safe at home too? How do you safeguard their moral and dignity at home?

My say on pre-marital sexual intercourse….Hello, people, it takes two to tango! If unmarried couple had too much fun with each other, do you honestly think that some headscarves will stop them from having sex? Hell no! It’ll only be served as another ‘present wrapper’ to be unwrapped! Just take a look at my previous post, ‘Tainted Titiwangsa’. I did mention that most of the Malay girls donning headscarves are the ones that’s polluting the beautiful night view at the lake garden with their various sexual antics. How do you explain that?

PUHHLEAASEEE! Telling women how to wear, what to wear won’t stop rape cases indefinitely. It’s the attitude that needs change, not their clothing. What’s the point if you creeps ask these ladies to cover up but they behave like a bitch in heat,flirting with men who’s probably sexually frustrated because of lack of exposure to sexual knowledge on how to release their sexual tension in a DIY manner?  If men are horny and needs release, they’d go ahead and rape the women anyway, no matter what the women wear.

Sex education matters. Please educate them. By not discussing the dangers of sex openly and keeping it hush hush will not help. Asking them to cover up and look like an old hag will no help too. By continuing to let the people be ignorant towards sexual issues will only intrigue them to try.

PS: I’m supposed to make a trip to Kelantan this coming hari raya for a cousin’s wedding, but I’m rather reluctant to do so. I’m definitely not looking forward to step my two feet on Kelantan soil after being mentally abused by their orthodox thinking back in 1998. I’d say, Kelantan schools implement rubbish way of teaching and most of their schools promotes homosexuality. I was a naive girl back then. Imagine how aghast I was to receive love letters from other girls my age! I almost lost my mind when I was told that it’s a typical school culture, and it’s in fact encouraged as to avoid girls from dating boys at schooling age. LOL. My family would have to drag me kicking and screaming if they want me there for my cousin’s wedding. I’m happy staying where I am. Please do not drag me to some ridiculous Arabs wannabe state. Haha. 


  1. jamaican dating app says: carbon dating examples

    It is stated somewhere in the directive, “forbidden to wear thick mke up and bright coloured lipsticks..”. Now, where does it say that lipstick is banned? (ofourse para 1 says so but the middle para is conflicting with that 1st para?.

    Now, wearing purdah does not make one old hag or not pretty. If one is ugly, one isUGLY no matter what one wears. I have seen many pretty women in purdah and some dont have much make up or even lipstick on! MANY!. AND I have seen many ugly women with or without make up and lipstick on in many kind of clothings.

    You will do justice to your posting if you do some comparative writings. Lets say in a country (or state in Malaysia) which has many purdah wearing women compare to another which has many non purdahs. Incidents involving women?

    Regarding the video, I am not looking at it from the angle purdah and non purdah now. In the video, if you have to choose between the man and the woman, WHO do you think should be blame the most for the act?. To me, it is the women that is more gatal/lustful/wants IT etcetc than the man.

  2. cleffairy says:

    I only support wearing of purdah or ‘tudung’ if the woman herself chooses to wear it because she feels the need to do so in order to feel closer to god, not because she’s required to or because some stupid fashion statement where almost everyone around her donned it, and if she don’t do the same, she will be stigmatized.

    I did not blame the man in the video for behaving that way, because as far as I’m concern, the woman is the one who is ‘gatal’ and the man merely feels glad to comply to her wishes. I was merely wondering why she bothers wearing tudung and covers up is she wants to behave that way. I felt that was just an insult to girls donning tudung everywhere. So, tell me, why do you think she covers up? Obviously she’s more ‘open’ than most girls that do not wear ‘tudung’. Is it because of fashion statement or what? I’m not the brightest crayon in the box, do enlighten me. It does bother me when people who covers up behaves this way. I don’t care about people who don’t cover up, and behave like a slut, at least they are honest to themselves. Whereas the women who covers up but behave in an ill manner, to me that’s just an insult to Islam.

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