Tainted Titiwangsa

I passed by Titiwangsa Lake Garden one night, and decided to do some cam whoring. It’s been quite some time since I went to the lake garden for some relaxation. Ever since they put up ‘The Eye on Malaysia’ ferris wheel, I find that the place is too crowded for my taste. The lake garden used to be my  favourite place to unwind during weekend noons, with horseback riding and great lush scenery.  There’s also watersport activities like kayaking and waterbike. But I guess, the place is only great and safe during daytime. I took some pictures in a rush, and drives off, because I didn’t really feel comfortable nor safe at that time.

As picturesque as it seems from afar, with glittering lights near the Eye of Malaysia compound, and reflections of various beautiful building reflecting on the lake, there are disgusting and terrifying creatures lurking in the dark, snarling, hissing and ready to hurt you if provoked. And no, I’m not attempting a horror story. This is real.

I’ve seen not only tourist or families sightseeing and taking pictures in the Lake Garden that night, but disgusting teenage couples everywhere fondling each other and making out shamelessly. Their act would probably put porn stars to shame if they decided to record their acts and post it on the net. There are some tourists and families, yes, but those disgusting teenagers overpopulate the place. ‘Mat rempit’ and ‘Minah rempit’ can be seen fondling and groping each other while sitting on their motorbike. To add salt to the wound, Titiwangsa lake garden is also a place for those bastards to gather around before starting their daily illegal motor racing. And these gangsters will give you some nasty glares if you dare to stare at them and wonders what they’re doing. I was frightened for my safety when I was there that night.  Camera flashes seems to irritate these people and my imaginations runs wild. I was so scared that I might get rob, rape, or worst, murdered if I did anything to offend these people.

 They can be seen almost everywhere in the dark, behind trees, by the lake, under gazebos, everywhere! What irks me the most is the female species. Most of the girls I observed that night wrapped their head in headscarf (tudung) and clearly, they are Malay Muslims (spoke Bahasa Melayu). I’m not racist or anything, but I feel that these young ladies are insulting Islam itself by behaving this way.

Why bother donning a headscarf and cover up if you want to shamelessly make out and have sex in public? You might as well go around naked if you want to behave like a public toilet, allowing anyone to enter you, do their deeds and leave. I call that act of hypocrasy. These bitches probably go around during the day, behaving as if they are pure and pious, while he truth is that they are slutting around with males who only wants to make use of their bodies.

Don’t give me the shits that these people are married. As far as I’m concern, married couples don’t behave this way. Well, at least married women will not allowed two or more men to touch her at the same time. Married couple would at least choose a decent place to consummate their love, but these girls seems to have fun being treated that way. I had to hold my tongue from screaming “Get a room!” at these shameless teenagers.

 Seeing this, I no longer wonder why so many girls visit some small and secluded clinics during the weekend, coming out looking as if blood has been drain from their faces and clutching their stomach as if their womb being ripped out of them. (I’ll find time to talk about abortion some other time. I’m gonna have to dig out some facts first. It’s been some time since I give a pro-life talk, and yes, I’m a pro-life person)

Why these people don’t find a more private place to do their stuff, is beyond my comprehension. Does it exhilarate these people to have PDAs in public? Or is it a turn on for them to get caught by religious authorities and get thrown into jail or get summonses for behaving indecently in public?

 If you want to have sex so much, why not do it in a more comfortable place and less public. At least spare the tourist and young spectators of the porn videos worthy view. I don’t have any care in the world if these people decided to do their things elsewhere, but Titiwangsa Lake Garden is one of Kuala Lumpur’s main tourist attraction. Why are the authorities not doing anything about this? Clean up the place for god sake! How do you expect to generate revenues from tourism if the place lost its appeal and scares travellers away?

These are the pictures I took that night:

This a picture of The Eye on Malaysia. Beautiful as it seems, I can’t help wondering if it’s really safe, since it’s located just at the edge of the lakeshore.


Picturesque, isn’t it? Too bad, in reality it’s tainted.


  1. cleffairy says:

    LOL… you’re probably right… but these people don’t get their maths straight. A room is more expensive than an abortion procedure? My, my!

  2. roses says:

    ey ey..i havent been to the eye of malaysia myself.
    i really like ur way of putting situation to words. yeah, i seen Malays misbehaving and it’s a shame that they still classify chinese as the most open race in malaysia.

    abortion?!?! are u gonna write about that. i am looking forward… 🙂

  3. cleffairy says:

    Thank you for visiting and commenting roses. That’s very kind of you. i didn’t expect anyone would bother to read my old post. 😀

    You haven’t go there yet? LOL…though i’d like to suggest you to go there before they dis-assemble it, I don’t really dare to suggest it to you because of security reason. There’s so many mat-rempit and stuff over there. really, really not safe to go there at night. Maybe you can go there with a guy friend or something, or go during daytime. Recently, there’s even murder case and suicide case over there. how freaky things can be? 🙁

    I did write about abortion in one of my recent post, but unfortunately, i did not write it the way i planned it to be…cuz a colleague of mine had a miscarriage…so i wrote about abortion vs miscarriage. Sad story…when i recalled it, it’s kinda traumatizing for me too. Blood don’t sit well with me.


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