Looking Back 15 September 2012

It’s 15 September 2013 today. Perhaps it is just another date for you, but it is not for me. Last year, this date, at about 4pm-6pm, I was shocked awake as I was shown one’s true colour.

I may not realise it then,but this date held so much significance in my life. From that date onwards, my life and my perspective on various things changed completely. I may not realise it immediately, on the spot on that very date for I was really taken aback by everything, but thinking back, if I have been trapped in the world of false security all these years, then what happened that day definitely shattered the illusion and brought me back to reality.

As painful it is to reminisce, I must jot this down. Not that I will ever forget or forgive what happened that fateful day, but this post serves as a reminder to myself, and everyone around who is in a relationship that it is a mistake to give your heart, soul and youth wholeheartedly when one could easily betray you with the act of unfaithfulness and infidelity and could easily hurt you in the worst way possible and walk away from you without a second thought.

What happened that day…is not something I want to remember, as it is a catalyst that triggers more and more heartache and misery after that… but as excruciating as it is, I am glad it happened, because for what it is worth, it taught me to keep a piece of me to myself so that I can never be hurt in the same way again, and it makes me a less dependant woman today.

I am a girl no more, and I shall never be that trusting, gullible woman ever again for I am created in His image, and therefore it makes me worthy of love and happiness. To have any less, is an insult to His glory.

Cleffairy: Do you know how it feels like to eat chappati and thosai with a broken heart? Do you know how those delicacy tasted like when you have to hold in your tears and smile for the benefit of others? I pray none of you have to find out, for the flat pastries tasted really bitter and very difficult to swallow that you can hardly breathe when you eat em with a broken heart.

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