Love potion: Strawberry jam soda

A friend who went to Cameron Highlands bought me some strawberry jam, not long ago, and the jar of jam has been sitting on the shelf for quite some time now, cuz I’ve somehow forgotten about it until one fine day where I was forced to ransack the kitchen cabinet for something to eat as snacks.

I didn’t feel like eating the jam with bread, though, and so, instead of eating the jam, I ended up concocting a refreshing love potion instead.



Strawberry jam


The drink is pretty simple. All you need to do is scoop a bit of jam and put it into a glass of Sprite, and add ice, and it’s ready to be served. Nice to take during the hot weather.

Just scoop out some jam and pour in the sprite.

Add some ice, and it’s ready.

Cleffairy: Is the glass half empty to you? Or was it half glass full? If one asked me this question last year, I would have said it’s half glass empty. But now, my answer would be half glass full.


    • Cleffairy says:

      Hmm… The jam will melt in the sprite, definitely. Taste-wise? The taste is ok, but it would be better if we use sourish kind of jam, and not the sweet kind. My jam is sourish kind, so the taste is ok. I bet if the jam is the sweet kind, it’ll taste awful!

  1. Caroline says:

    huh?? i wonder wats d taste? i will try hope it is gud. Lol. yesterday someone asked me eat peanut butter mix with jam and eat with bread, n now drink. gud! LOL

  2. fatty oldman says:

    oldman like me got diabetes cant drink that…hehe

    btw try mix beer with butter n drink it on cold weather keep u chill… 😀

  3. ericlee says:

    to me the glass is never half empty or half full….it always needs refilling regardless of what state it is in…XD but i guess i’m more of a half full person..LOL

    sure nice? sounds sweet…too sweet for my liking…LOL

    • Cleffairy says:

      LOL… always needs refilling. That’s a real good one, Eric. I’ve been waiting for someone to remark on my closing quote, but only you remark on it. LOL…

      This drink? Not so sweet. It’s sourish, cuz the jam that I used is the sourish kind, not the sweet kind. Must keep in mind that this drink must use the sourish kind of jam, else the drink wil taste unbearably sweet.

    • Cleffairy says:

      Can… wun lausai la… ish… those cafes selling fancy drinks also got sell this drink. But usually it’s peach jam, marmalade jam or raspberry jams. Hardly got people use strawberry jams, cuz it’s too sweet. If wanna make this, the jam must be the sourish kind, else will be too sweet.

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