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My life changed when I became a certified scuba diver this year. I started to see alot of things differently. I started to see the people around me differently, I started to lead my life differently and I even see the world around me differently. Before being a scuba diver, I couldn’t care less about the environment, but after I started to scuba dive, I started to realized how much damage we humans has done to the environment, especially to the underwater world.

You may or may not realized this, but marine pollutions was not only caused by the the rubbish and the plastic products that has been thrown away into the sea, but skincare and body care products that we’re using on daily basis. Most skincare products contains chemicals that are harmful towards the marine lives, especially the coral. The usage of sunblocks and body lotions for example, are extremely harmful towards the coral reef. The world’s coral reefs are suffering, and chemicals commonly found in sunscreen contribute to the problem.

When you swim with sunscreen on, chemicals seep into the water, where they’re absorbed by corals. These substances contain nanoparticles that can disrupt coral’s reproduction and growth cycles, ultimately leading to bleaching and consequently will disrupt the marine ecosystem in whole, considering how corals are host to many marine lifeforms.

Even if you don’t swim after applying sunscreen, it can go down drains when you shower. Aerosol versions of sunscreen can spray large amounts of the product onto the sand, where it gets washed into our oceans.

So how do you protect both the environment and at the same time, care for your body? Simple, use organic skincare/bodycare products. Most organic skincare products are coral friendly.

Here’s sharing with you some awesome products that’s organically produced and is environmentally friendly; the M3 Body Care Products.

M3 Body Lotion& M3 Hair Cream

M3 Ice Cool Shower Gel

M3 Oil Control Shampoo

The M3 Body Care brand is one of the organic based products. It is environmentally friendly and uses 100% natural ingredients that are organic without chemicals. The base of the ingredients in these products are mostly tumeric and ginger. They’re not only great for your body, but environmentally safe as well.

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