Eat, Ride and Be Merry at Gombak Cowboy Café, Selangor

There are many cowboy-themed eateries in Malaysia, but Gombak Cowboy Café is probably the only café that features not only cowboy decor but also a complete view of the stables and horses running in the field.

Located next to Gombak Horse Riding Club on Jalan Sg. Pusu, this newly opened cafe offers a variety of Western dishes tailored to Malaysian tastes. This cafe features a minimalist facade made of wood and looks exactly like a cowboy eatery.

Horseback riding activities can be enjoyed by visitors at Gombak Horse Riding Club, next to Gombak Cowboy Café. I have always been adventurous and I’m always seeking for an Adrenaline fix, and so, I did just that before ordering my dinner from Gombak Cowboy Café. I used to go for some horseback riding in Taman Tasik Titiwangsa until it closes the place to public for renovation. It’s been years since I ride a horse, so it’s kinda abit awkward, especially when I haven’t really bond well with the horse.

Say hi to Montana, the horse who gave me a ride. A beautiful, friendly and considerate thing. Fella galloped slowly as if sensing my nervousness, but sped up a bit in the last round. Gosh, that startled me a bit.

I let my son have a good round of it too. Like me, he haven’t gone on a fun ride for years as well. It’s good to know that he still enjoys it.

There are various interesting angles to take pictures in the grounds of Gombak Cowboy Café.

Visited the stable located nextdoor to the cafe. There are plenty of horses here, and they are very friendly and would entertain you for a selfie or two if you talk to them nicely.

Such a darling, this one. Whenever I go near, fella would be placing his face near for some petting. I’d be sure to bring some him carrot treats for my next visit.

Nightfall in Gombak Cowboy Café. Beautiful, isn’t it?

The place is spacious and comfortable dining area also facilitates physical distancing in this COVID- 19 era.

Some pictures taken at night when I was over there. Yea. I’m somewhat a horse and chicken stalker. I heard some sheep in the distance but it was really dark and I was a little spooked to walk around to investigate.

The saloon bar is an attraction for customers to take pictures. Instagrammers would definitely love this Instaworthy place.

Anyway, enough of my selfies. let’s get back to the menu. The cowboy -style cooking concept menu is simple but appetising

The promo price is terribly affordable and the best part of that meals comes with free drinks of your choice. What we had for dinner that night; Meltique Steak, Smoky Duck Burger and Cowboy Special Fried Rice.

Smoky Duck Burger (RM18). I have always loved all the duckie meals, so when I saw the duck burger in the menu, I knew I had to try this one. I absolutely love it. It’s done right and really sensational. They didn’t spare the smoky duck slices. It was thick and goes really well with the fluffy burger buns. Absolutely flavourful and have no gamey scents whatsoever. I would have gone for seconds if I didn’t consider the fact that I’m trying to shed some extra jiggly bits these days.

Meltique Steak (RM45). Another must try on the menu if you’re steak lovers. The steak comes with a side of chunky mushroom gravy and some coleslaw salad. Very flavouful. The steak is well done by default, so if you prefer your steaks medium rare of still abit bloody, please remember to request for it when you placed your order. I like my steaks well done, can’t stomach bloody meats, so this is perfect for me.

Cowboy Special Fried Rice (RM15). If you’re a fan of rice, you’ll love this one. The fried rice is topped generously with fat fried squid. They claimed this is fried rice but in my opinion it tasted more like fragrant herb rice. Absolutely refreshing flavour and it somewhat cleanse the palate when you eat them. A must order if you love flavoured rice.

Drinks; Blackcurrant Soda, Watermelon Lemonade Blizz and Classic Mohiyo. Berrylicious, refreshing and rejuvenating, I must say, especially if you worked out some sweat after some good horseback riding session.

I fancied some hot drinks after meal, so I decides to go for some hot chocolate drink after meal. They have hot coffee and tea too, of course. But I’m not a fan of coffee, so I went for this instead. It’s lovely. Not your instant hot chocolate drink kind of flavour but the real hotchoc with lingering bittersweet aftertaste. A must order if you like hotchocs.

Overall the experience is fantastic and beyond amazing. I love the food, I love the horses, can’t get enough of riding and I foresee that I will be a frequent visitor next year as I’m planning to sign up for some horse riding classes.

For those who would like some good ride, good food and and be merry, you might want to drop by at Gombak Cowboy Café. Info as below:


Address: Lot 5639, Jalan Sungai Pusu, Kampung Sungai Pusu, 53100 Gombak

For inquiries & reservations, please contact

Zainuddin –

MeM –

Operation hours 3pm – 12 midnight (last order 11pm)

Location Gombak Cowboy Cafe Google Maps

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