Malaysian Mermaid Gathering at Braveeer Mermaid Tail Exhibition

If you have been following my social media, you would know that it’s no secret that apart from scuba diving and Chinese martial arts, I’m now also into mermaiding. There are two main reasons why I started mermaiding. First it’s because despite being a scuba diver, I’m still scared of depth without my scuba equipments, and this must be fixed if I were to go divepro; which I fully intend to do. Secondly, many sad and traumatizing things happened last year, and once again I found myself battling with anxiety and depression. It’s been difficult, but I’m not going to elaborate on that, cuz I decide to take charge and give myself something new to focus on; something that I’ve never done before and that’s mermaiding.

Although this diving discipline itself is very challenging and requires alot of practice, I find it pretty amazing and healing. My life changes tremendously when I decided to start being a mermaid. I started getting to know more and more amazing people who practically vibrate on positive energy. Although I’m still not good at mermaiding, they’re always full of encouragements and supports, which helps alot in my healing journey. It’s nothing short of amazing.

Anyway, as I’ve said, I was blessed with wonderful people around me. I’ve befriended some via social media and recently I managed to meet some of them during the recent mermaid event; Braveeer Mermaid Tail Exhibition. It’s an event by Braveeer and supported by PADI.

The exhibition showcased beautiful silicone mermaid tails, and events attendees were allowed to try them on and swim in it. I didn’t try the silicone tail on during the event, but I’ve had the opportunity to try the tail prior to the event at Onshore Mermaid (this is where I learn mermaiding at) during my weekly practice, and it was nothing short of amazing. These mermaid tails are worth RM4000 and above, but during the event it was being sold at a discounted price of RM2799, which is quite a steal. I must say that I had half a mind to make a purchase in the near future, when I’m better at mermaiding and when financial permits, of course.

Here’s sharing with you some fun time in the sun with other mermaids at Braveeer Mermaid Tail Exhibition.

Spectacular scene where mermaids descending and swimming together.

Some mermaizing moments during the event.

Beautiful people I managed to catch up with at the Braveeer Mermaid Tail Exhibition; my mermaid buddy Kelly and my BSP lake dive buddy Darryl . Darryl is another one of those rare scuba diver who enjoys limited vis diving like me.

Who says you must wear sexily to be a mermaid? That’s an absolutely wrong assumption. You’re free to wear anything you want, including modest clothings as you go mermaiding. Say hi to the beautiful Muslimah PADI Mermaid Instructor Nur Fathiyah . Prior to the Braveeer Mermaid Tail Exhibition, we were only friends on Facebook. I’m grateful that I get to meet her in person and even go mermaiding together with her during the event.

Say hi to PADI Mermaid Trainer Ser Ling . Yes, people. It’s safe to go mermaiding even when you’re expecting, provided you have a pass from your doc and your energy level is high. This radiant mer-mama deserves all the respect she can get. Not many expecting ladies are blessed with abundance of stamina and up to doing sports during their pregnancy. I was one of those who were constantly low on energy throughout my pregnancy. I was cursed with morning sickness practically up to my third trimester and could only eat properly during the two final months before my due date. I wouldn’t dream of walking more than 100meters back then, what more go mermaiding.

For those who are curious; yes. It’s actually okay to swim, freedive or mermaiding when you are pregnant. However, please get your doctor’s clearance before doing these activities, ya? I’m all for fun and safe sports, so safety first, ladies.

With SSI Area Manager Vincent Lai and PADI Regional Manager Mark Hedger . Who says you can’t be friends with divers from different agencies? We’re not enemies or rivals. Both of these agencies are under WRSTC, and the aim is to produce safe and competent divers of all disclipline, and uphold the highest training standard. I know there are many bias against this agency and that agency, but don’t get me started on things like this. I took my Open Water Diver and Advanced Open Water Diver with PADI, but I decided to go for Rescue, Mermaid and hopefully divepro soon with SSI and therefore, I will always be friends with everyone. There’s nothing wrong with that. No matter where our diving certifications originates from, we are all still good friends.

I’m glad I get to meet Mark and Vincent today. They’re both inspirational people and vibrate on extremely positive energy.

Last but not least, yours truly with SSI Mermen and PADI merman. I know you people thinks mermaiding are for ladies and there are no male version of mermaids. Good grief. You are very wrong. Actually there are plenty of hot hunks in the mermaiding world and most of the mermen I know can swim way better than I do. You should see them in action. They’re mermaizing!

It’s been an amazing and healing journey so far. So many new friendship has been forged, and if anything, I’m grateful that I decided to pursue the mermaid pathway. Hopefully there’s more events like this in the future where I can meet like-minded people to exchange knowledge and have fun together.

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