McDonalds KL Central- The Worst McDonald Franchise

McDonalds KL Central-Provides horrible service and worst food quality control. The crew came with an attitude too.

It almost killed me to write this article and publish it in my blog. I hate writing about something that will cause trouble or disciplinary action to others as a result of my writing, however, this time, I ought to make exception for this, as it would kill me more if I don’t write about a subject that I felt so strongly about. It concern my blood pressure as well as the image of my country, considering which McDonalds franchise that’s been giving poor service to the consumer all this while.

Which McDonalds franchise gives bad service and poor impression to the customers, you ask me? Why, it’s McDonalds KL Central-one stop place for people around Malaysia and across the globe to perch on and have a good meal or two before they ride their trains to their destination. Most patrons are locals, but do keep in mind that there are good numbers of foreigners and tourist too, as KL Central is also a station that provide commuting service to Kuala Lumpur International Airport(KLIA). It’s such a shame that a franchise that cater most local and foreign diners provides the poorest service in comparison to other McDonalds franchise in Malaysia. McDonalds KL Central is the worst I’ve ever patronize before. The crew are not well trained and have the manners that would put a swearing sailor to shame.

Ladies and gentleman, this is not an advertorial, mind you. I would love to do advertorial for McDonalds if I’m given a chance to do so, as I truly love the product and I definitely support the cause of charity that comes along with it when you buy their food. I myself have been a supporter of Gift of Smile all these while. I love to eat the food and do charity at the same time.

But unfortunately, this is purely criticism and complain. Yes, I am complaining here, on the service and the food provided by McDonalds KL Central. I would not complain if it’s my first time being unsatisfied and angered by McDonalds KL Central crews’ service, but this is the third time the crews on duty made my blood boil. This is it, my patience finally wears off.

I’m lovin it’, is a slogan used by McDonalds Restaurants to attract consumers to buy their product. Yes, yours truly has come to love their fast food products, and McDonalds has always been my favourite place to get some fast food while commuting from KL Central to KLIA, but I’m not sure if I would want to stop by McDonalds KL Central anymore after this. It’s not only frustrating, but completely waste of time and money to eat at McDonalds KL Central. The service are unsatisfactory, and their attitude disgust me. What’s worst, the food have no quality control as well too.

My first horrifying experience in KL Central was last year, somewhere in March, around 10.30pm. I just arrived from KLIA, and after a long and tiring flight, I saw McDonalds is still open, and I was hoping to get a good rest and fast food. But I was wrong, this is where the crew on duty took wrong orders from me, and refused to acknowledge the mistake.

I still remember that I ordered a set of large Chicken Foldover. Instead of giving me the product that I ordered, the crew on duty gave me Big Mac instead. I do not even eat meat to begin with, and I’m more than sure that I did not tell her that I wanted a Big Mac. Why would I order a Big Mac when I do not take meat? When the food is served, I told her that she took the wrong order. But instead of apologizing, she insisted that I ordered what she brought to me. She shouted at me and demanded that I was the wrong. My, my, such manners. Is this the way you’re supposed to treat your customers? In food service industry, it is basic knowledge that you do not shout and go berserk at your customer. Besides, I cannot comprehend how she could take my order wrongly when the restaurant is almost empty? I would understand if she heard wrongly if there are crowds and loud noises, but it was not crowded and definitely not noisy at that moment.

And so, I took a complain form, and complain about it. But it seems that no one acknowledge my complaints at all, as there’s no feedback for my complaints. Fine, I let it off that time. No point in making mountain out of molehill. I’m sure that I’m not the only one who experience the same thing in that franchise. I made no further complaints after that, hoping that they would improvise on their service and attitude.

But I was wrong about them improvising their service, as again, somewhere during the end of February this year, again,tired and hungry, I went to McDonalds KL Central after commuting from KLIA to get some Spicy Chicken McDeluxe. This time, they did not take the wrong order, and I thought it’s safe to applaud them for their service, but no, they found better way to anger me again. This time, they made me wait for almost 45 minutes for the bloody Spicy Chicken McDeluxe burger while I amuse myself STANDING at the counter, watching the crew chatting and joking around with each other. (It was night again, and there are not much patrons at that time as well)

My goodness, I thought the crew are paid to work, not to chat with one another to their heart content. And as far as I’m concern, McDonalds restaurant nationwide had set the standard that food should be served to the customer within 60 seconds, and if the food is still in preparation process, the crew in charge is supposed to politely inform the customer to wait and take a seat while waiting for the order. I was rudely ignored when I was waiting for my orders, and the crew in charge had no courtesy to even tell me to have a seat while waiting for my order while she flirt with a handsome foreign patron and treat him like a God with her broken English. He was given a small paper cup containing beverage and was courteously told to have a seat while waiting for his order. I was aghast to see that different treatment was given to the handsome foreign chap. So I thought, perhaps it’s because I am a local, so she did not give me the same treatment. What’s more, I’m probably not attractive enough to receive the same treatment.

Angry, I stood aside by the counter and watched the crews’ attitude and bahaviour towards the customer. I had initially thought that they only treat locals like the local customers are no importance, but again, I was wrong. Enter a dark middle east man. He was also made to stand at the counter while waiting for his orders, and was rudely told off when he gets rather impatient while waiting for the order. He must be not appealing enough to be treated like the handsome white man, I suppose. I came to realize that McDonalds KL Central treats the customer based on the way they’re dressed and their skin colour. Isn’t this a form of gender and racial discrimination?

When I thought nothing else could go wrong during this particular visit, the order came in after a long wait, and to my chagrin, my Spicy Chicken McDeluxe was overly done. It was definitely more than crispy. It’s hard rock and hard to bite, and the patty had lost it’s juicy and tender texture. And to my disgust, the lettuce that was used for the Spicy Chicken McDeluxe was not fresh and has already darken. My fries, needless to say, does not have the standard French fries quality at all. The fries was also hard, as a result of over frying it. Where is the quality control? These McDonalds’ crews are not doing justice to the brand!

Do I need to say that the poor food quality is as a result of the crews’ carelessness and their unprofessional attitude while working? So this time, I asked for the manager so that I could complain, but the staff told me off rudely when I said I want to make complains, and informed me that their manager has went back home. Again, I lodge my complain using the complain form provided, and of course, I get no feedback from their PR personnel again. I’m not surprised, they probably threw away every single complain forms submitted to them, anyway.

Now, let’s talk about my recent visit to McDonalds KL Central. I should have known better to find somewhere else to eat after all that I have been put through by this franchise’s crew. It was two days ago, 9th December 2008, approximately at 10.00pm and at counter two. A Malay lady donning a black colour headscarf was in charge of taking my other half’s order. I was too tired to order the food this time, half expecting that they will make me angry with either their attitude, or poor service again. I took a seat, and watched them taking my husband’s order wryly.

My husband was made to wait very long for the orders, and was not told to have a seat while waiting. The crew rudely ignored him when he asked when the order food will be done. Fine, nothing new in that. I experienced the same thing earlier this year. Nothing changed or improved in that department. After watching him wait for the food for about 20 minutes, he paid for the food, and the crew in charge, the young Malay girl in headscarf gave him the wrong amount of balance, insisting that she has return the correct amount of money, and refused to even check the cash registry records when she was requested to do so.

We would have just let her off if she acknowledge her mistake and apologize, but no, she insisted that she was right. Not only that, she rudely told him off and called him a cheater and a liar. Wow, who she think she is to behave that way to a customer? She’s supposed to apologize when yshe’se in the wrong, but no, she not only refused to apologize, but she scolded the customer loudly and humiliate the customer, in public, no less. Talk about mood and attitude!

Angry beyond words, we requested the Manager on Duty to come ask the crew in question to apologize to us for her mistake and for raising her voice to my husband. The Manager on Duty came out after a while and attend to us. However, he did not comply with our request, and only thought we’re concern about the money. Excuse me, I wouldn’t care if they do not return the correct balance.

All I want is some respect from the crew, and I want them to apologize and acknowledge their mistake when they made one. But no, he only offered us a drink halfheartedly to compensate for our troubles. Excuse me, sir, are customers so cheap that you could cool down their anger and dissatisfaction with a glass of coke? Things doesn’t work that way for us. All we want is respect and proper conduct by the crew. Knowing that there’s no use talking to people who do not care for the customers, we left.

I would have jot down the crew and the Manager on duty’s name, however, the name tag was not properly worn to be seen by people. I suppose they purposely wear it that way so that no one could lodge any complains against them. Knowing that there must be a frame that hold up ‘crew of the month’ pictures and name somewhere, I went to search for it. I manage to find it hung up in a small corner of the restaurant, only to notice that there’s only pictures of the crew, and no names whatsoever were on display. So I decided, if I couldn’t make them apologize for their mistake or even improvise, I ought to let my readers know what to expect when they patronize McDonalds KL Central.

I even took the picture of the rude lady in question so that you would know that this is the one who will probably give you the same treatment as she did my husband. Below is the picture of her from different angle, trying as hard as she could to avoid my camera lense, but failed.

Above is the picture of the crew in question. The girl who donned the black headscarf.

Side view of the crew in question.

Another side view of the crew in question. I notice that she was trying to hide from my lenses. Even then she did not come to her senses to apologize to us. She should have known better. Does rude behaviour and attitude brings you benefit, anyway?

It’s such a shame that a McDonald that’s situated in a place where the daily patrons are not only locals, but loads of international patrons as well have the worst crew with nasty attitudes. Not to mention that there’s lack quality control while preparing for food. Such thing not only would spoil the brand, but also tarnish Malaysian good image in the eyes of foreigners and tourist. What would tourists and foreigners say when they encounter such thing in KL Central, their second stop in Malaysia after their flight from KLIA? They would definitely have the impression that the rest of us Malaysians are impolite, rude, unethical and comes with nasty attitudes. People like these are tarnishing the good image of our country. Please put a stop to this.

Cleffairy: I’m lovin’ it? Other McDonalds restaurants, yes, I love em, but definitely not McDonalds KL Central. I loathe and despise it.

Do note that I’ll be carbon copying this article to The Star, The Sun as well as the McDonalds email as well. If the editors find poor service in renowned fast food restaurant is an issue, they are free to edit and publish this as they saw fit. I do not mind, as long as my complaints are heard. Put a stop to poor service, please. Dear readers, please feel free to share your experience with any McDonalds that gives you similar experience. Hopefully, they would improvise.


  1. Kellaw says:

    Imagine my bro going to the counter with his fish o filet saying “Oi! Kak, mana I punya cheese? Takde dalam burger” and that idiot just took and throw the burger into the bin giving him a EFF face then walk to the rack like she just attended funeral to get him another burger. Clef, you wouldn’t be the first to complain and rest assured, you wouldn’t be the last either.

  2. Dreamkid says:

    Clef. So sorry to hear about your experiences. You should write in to the headquarters in Malaysia. The service at KL Sentral can’t be taken lightly. Foreigners are there….

    Talking about foreigners, I’ve got 2 friends from Korea and China who have been robbed of thousands of ringgit in cash. The other her laptop. All done by Malaysians. They don’t like our country already because of their experiences. I feel really bad as a Malaysian.

    If the foreigners are treated like you at KL Sentral McD, think about the image of Malaysia imbedded on the minds of our foreign friends.

    I don’t want to imagine.

  3. cleffairy says:

    Kellaw, I experienced the same thing before with my fillet o fish, but that was in Alor Star Star Parade franchise. But the crew member who made the mistake apologized immediately and replaced my burger in a jiffy, so I did not complain about that particular crew member in Alor Star franchise, cuz the attitude was okay. She apologized, and everything is settled. But this bloody KL Central pissed me off to no end, and that’s not the first time either. I cannot take it anymore, have to blurt it out and let everyone know about it!

    Dreamkid, actually, after I wrote this, I emailed the McD’s HQ the same article and let them know about my complaints and what i wrote in my blog. However, I am STILL WAITING for their bloody reply! OMG, too busy to attend to me, issit? Humph, I also sent this to The Sun Daily… and seriously considering to email the NSTP and The Star tomorrow. So pissed off with their service and attitude, what’s more, it’s KL Central, a place where a lot of tourist delegating around! Some Malaysians and their attitude are simply unacceptable!

  4. situapui says:

    Boycott all these western franchises! Expensive and not nice too!!! Being international, I would think there’s should be stringent quality control…but the soup at Pizza Hut was terrible…and the breadstix too! I had a post on that when I went there to visit my daughter. Luckily the pizza itself was ok! My daughter likes eating at such places. Given a choice, I would much rather head for our local kopi tiam!

  5. cleffairy says:

    There you go stp, your message is now in the correct place. LMAO.

    Cikgu, I would have gone to other place if not because I’m dead beat from my flight. LOL. Cuz I kinda feel safe at Kl Central McD… dunno where got kopitiam within walking distance in Central also. So McD lorrr…. who knows the service so terrible! Since last year until now also never improvise, pissed me off like hell. not only did not improvise, but became worst! Must be because no action was taken against them!

    On pizza hut, I hardly dine in at pizza hut, cuz I usually order pizza via phone or online. Pizza for me is purely delivery. LOL. Lazy ppl’s food. But i agree, pizza hut’s food quality control is terrible too. Sometimes, the mushroom/chicken soup was too thin, and the breadstix is rock hard! Not to mention the spaghetti sometimes are not al Dante and the sauce taste like vinegar. I like pizza, but I dun buy it too often, only occasionally. One year probably 2-3 times eat pizza only, and usually only order pizza, no soup watsoever. And since I order online, dun really kno the people’s attitude. LMAO. The beauty of Internet in food industry is u dun hv to deal with assholes!

  6. Kellaw says:

    Have you ever been served sup hangus in pizza hut only to be replaced with one right from the tap ones? wait la. i remember i have a picture of the hot dog bun i bought from pizza hut. stay tuned for the picture in my blog la. Complain and complains done but i get the standard reply “Thanks for your input. We will look into it. Bye”

    Haiyo sentral there so many things eat. Ok the alley where the mc d is situated right? go straight you will come to a hall which not many notice one. There is secret recipe and other shops there. next time eat there. no need see dark face ghost.

    You complain so much later before they serve you your food, they go backdoors and spit into your soup then you know. wuahahahaha

  7. cleffairy says:

    Kellaw, at least you get some feedback. I get NOTHING! Damn it!

    Yup, Central have so many places to eat during daytime, that is. At night, the only 24 hours restaurant is just McD. Others, after 10pm, all closed already. LOL. My flights are usually night flights, so each time I arrived Central, it’s always more than 10pm. That’s why I go McD instead of Secret Recipe or Chicken Rice Shop or even the foodcourt upstairs. 🙁 I have no choice in that matter, because other are already over their business hour. Maybe next time i should just eat at Burger King in KLIA. *sigh*

    Daytime okay la. Still got other places to eat and get a few minutes while waiting for my ride home. I would have opt for mamak, but mamak is too far from Central, what’s more, it’s night time, so dangerous. I dun drive or park my car at Kl Central.

    On the soup, dun worry, I NEVER order soup from pizza hut. I find their soup are too thin for my taste anyway. Might as well cook my own at home.

    Anyway, we’re consumers, so must complain. WE PAY FOR THE BLOODY SERVICE,dude.

  8. Sue says:

    I myself had a horrible experience today with McDonalds Bangsar Baru. My siblings called up to order lunch bt they were told that their order could not be processed as they were below 18. So before I left for work, i ordered it for them. My order was taken at 12:41pm via telephone, and was said to be delivered within 45 minutes. Thus I left for work.

    At 1:40 pm, there’s still no delievery. I told my siblings to call and enquire.

    At 2 pm, i receive a call saying it will be delivered in 10 minutes as the rider has already left the outlet.

    At 2:30, theres still no delivery.

    At 2:37, the delivery guy comes – with the wrong order! So he goes back to substitute it and only returns at 3:05.

    From 12:41 to 3:05. Is this what they call service?

    I have complained on their website too, and requested that a reason be given to me. Let’s see if there’s any reply.

  9. Kellaw says:

    Read my latest post. Hope you don’t mind I link to your post. Hehehe. By the way I don’t advertise for anyone so basically I don’t earn anything from blogging just like you. KLIA more food which opens 24/7. You should order Mc D through the phone and ask them deliver to your table. Hahahaha.

    You pay for the service but do you know we pay extra when we eat in? Its this darn thing called service tax which their service is giving you an F face la.

    At least Sue’s food reach. Thought about those who doesnt even reach? And Clef. Dream on la. It’s not domino’s pizza. Free delivery and free pizza after 30 minutes. Best part. Mc D charge for delivery.

  10. chrisau says:

    hmm…..that’s an eye opener. So far, I never ever encountered any problems with McD in Msia or S’pore. In fact,I love the McD outlets in Spore, they even made me a nice cappucino.

    Yeah, you did the right thing by cc to the local dailies. It’s time they have to buck up.

  11. Vern says:

    McD sure pissed the wrong lady off. LOL. I haven’t been to the one at KL Central.. or wait… I think I did. Once. To get a milkshake. *gasp* :O

    The last time I received good customer service from a McD counter was when a friend of mine was working part time there. Haha.

    Not really a fan of fast food, but I’ll be sure to stay away from this particular outlet.

  12. cleffairy says:

    Kikey, things does not work that way in Malaysia. Some place, the service is so pathetic that it tarnish the country’s image.

    , actually, there’s no 24/7 restaurants or cafe in KLIA opened until midnight. Most are closed after 11pm. Maybe you can go there and see. So far, there’s none that I know of. Last check was July 2008, during my night flight. I loitered in a bookstore/candy store until 10:45pm, and every single restaurant/cafes in KLIA are shut tight. Unless of course, if you’re referring to the MAS personnel’s canteen. But that is only available for MAS and KLAirports staff, not the public. Even if there’s restaurants open 24 hours in KLIA premises itself, there’s flaw in your design to stay late in KLIA until after 11pm. KLIA Express last train to KL Central is at 11:45pm. So if you stay in KLIA after 11:45pm, then you will be stranded there until 5am next morn. And the airport’s light would be dimmed as soon as the clock strike 11:30pm. Even the lift and escalator are shut down for maintenance and checks after 11pm. Trust me, staying at KLIA after 11:30pm is damn freaky, and probably not safe too. I wouldn’t advise anyone to stay in KLIA after that hour. You’ll never know what could befall you, especially if you’re a lady traveling alone. There’s always taxi of course, but those in KLIA are limos taxi, and they charge 50% extra after midnight to shuttle you to KL area.

    Chris, they really strike a nerve this time, no kidding. I could tolerate if it’s just once or twice, but as they say, third time’s the charm. LOL. PISSED ME OFF! I’m not saying that all McD’s service is bad, there’s one nearby home gives superb service, and never failed to make my day, be it lunch, dinner or bfast. Unfortunately, the one that’s supposed to give good service, seeing the location and all failed to give justice to the brand. You’re lucky that you’re living in sg… Malaysian food service is parceled with bad attitudes and work ethics. Btw, I saw your entry on the sg McD’s cappuccino… it’s beautiful! Too beautiful to even drink! *sigh* Yeah, I cc this to the local daily and to McD HQ email after I wrote this entry. I felt that it’s wrong to allow such thing to continue, after all, it’s KL Central branch! It’s suppose to be a role model to the rest of McD in Malaysia, not the other way around.

    Vern, omg, long time no see la! Miss ya, girl! How’s life treating you? Still busy, huh? Anyway, do take care of yourself. 😛 All work and no play makes cookiemonsta a lame muncher. LOL. You said it, Vern, they pissed off the wrong person. *growl* I wouldn’t give a damn if they apologize and at least try to make things right in the first place. I’m not so unreasonable, but they refused to acknowledge their mistake, and even show their attitude to the customers. What the hell is that? And they dare to put up the i’m lovin it slogan! Grrrr!

  13. Kellaw says:

    And i thought you can stay in KLIA. ok noted. I will not take late flights next time. hahaha. I dont face the prob as i always have energy bars with me just in case i cant get food around.

  14. Vern says:

    Ya lah, the “I’m Lovin It” slogan can literally be translated to ‘suka hati ku lah…’ for the employees there. Maybe that explains their work ethics. 😉

  15. cleffairy says:

    Kellaw… lol, cannot stay in KLIA after 11:45pm la, you’ll get chased out by the security, unless you’re KLairports staff. LOL. I wouldn’t want to stay even if they allow it… damn freaky at night, like got spirits walking around you. HUWA! Oh, you bring energy bars around? Good for you(I hate health foods! I suspect, i only take junks!)…I dun bother taking energy bars… taste kinda weird for me anyway. But I have Snickers and Mars bars with me…occasionally. Too sticky to bring around, anyway. LOL.

    … eh? Yahorr, I din think of translating it that way! LOL… Suka hati aku! How true! LOL. Macam ISA liddat, Ikut Suka Aku! LMAO… 😛 aiks, late liao, not yet sleep ah? These days alot design projects?

  16. Kellaw says:

    its not even health food. Its pure carb bar. used to carry one around since my old school days just in case i am damm hungry and no/forgot to bring money. Spirits small problem la. I can see them so no feel one lo. I dont like the taste too but it’s emergency food supply. Sticky is not the problem. The problem would be the packaging bursting open in your bag and it melts out right away.

    It will give you such a good mess there.

  17. cleffairy says:

    Kellaw, actually, since I was a little girl, I can see them too. It does not really freaks me out, however, I could never attend a funeral without falling sick afterwards. They are too strong for me. What freaks me out in KLIA is not really the spirits, actually. But the horror of encountering rapist and stuff. You know, the security in KLIA is not that good. A lot of people lost their belongings in the access baggage area. Not to mention there’s so many ‘ulat taxi’ over there. The authorities may have you believe that KLIA is one of the safest place in KL, but that’s far from the truth. Spirits are not scary. 😛 But human are. In fact, human are a lot more scary than spirits to me. See THIS ENTRY… my little adventure in a ‘haunted place’. LMAO.

    Hmm… I never got such habit from school… cuz my mom would pack up lunch for me every day, cuz I cannot eat outside food…especially canteen food. Never fail to gives me food poisoning when I was younger.

  18. kellaw says:

    oh then you are very weak already. no prob going to funerals at all. hahaha. at times thought want to ask for 4d number but…

    usually in overseas like sg for example, changi airport have hotel and lounge where you can stay overnight if your flight is late or you are left stranded because you missed a flight. same goes to LAX and other airports and KLIA is supposed to be one of the top airports in the world but shoos people out at 12? What you expect? people can just pull a gun stunt in the KLIA airport. dont say KLIA la. KL’s safety is already bad enough and the police are still in denial mode.

    Wanna join if you planning to go inside the building in your post. hahaha. i agree that humans are sometimes more scary. too much clean food also not good for the body. need to build up immunity by taking dirty food. tap water is the occasional drink for me. canteen foods are old schools already. the school will cover up when there is food poisoning

  19. peteformation says:

    These people think that they are so great working there. The management should take action and make spot check on their crew. Maybe need to handle them like Ah Beng style lorrr, make them kepala pusing. ha ha!

  20. cleffairy says:

    Gregchai… Uncle Greg, it’s so nice to see you here. 😛 Wait for the McD reply? In Hokkien, they say… “Tang ku ku ah!”. LOL… wait long long lah… *sigh*

    Kellaw… I only cannot go to funeral of those who is related to me… if they are strangers, it’s fine with me. It overwhelms me, I guess to actually ‘see’ my loved ones in the form that I never see before, and their confusion and pain and stuff after they die. Hence, that explains why i get sick after attending the funeral of my loved ones.
    Actually, there is a place for you top stay if you’re stranded in KLIA, which is MAS Enrich Lounge… but that’s only people who are stranded, not for ppl who refused to leave KLIA at night. But usually, if you are stranded in KLIA because of flight cancellation or delay, MAS will arrange a hotel outside for you to stay at their expanse-provided, you demand for it. Oh, the building, Galleria is actually very beautiful… but I dun think they will allow you in, cuz usually there will be two security guard watching over the building 24/7. you just can stay outside and yak with the guard.

    Pete… yalah, that’s why I so tulan ma! They got this ‘I’m big’ attitude. So pissed off, summore not my first time being treated like rubbish over there. Worst thing, is they also show their bloody attitude to tourists. If I go on Ah Lian mood, sure they’re totally fucked liao la… imagine me going at the counter, cursing like mad, ‘Tiu lei lou mo’, ‘pukimak’, pundek’ and stuff.*sigh*. But usually when I go there, I’m already very tired from my flight, so lazy wanna give them trouble…but I also got limit la. 🙁

  21. eugene says:

    cleff, i only go to McD not for food but for the playland for my kids. Burgers at the roadside win McD burger hand down.

    So dont patronize them la if dont even know how to appreciate the customers .

  22. cleffairy says:

    Eugene, yeah, roadside burgers are better than McD. Cheaper summore… actually i wouldn’t go into McD KL Central if I have a choice. Usually after a tiring night flight, the only place for me to wait for my ride is just that stupid McD… *sigh* given a choice, i would go to Burger King or Chicken Rice shop, but they’re not 24 hours… 🙁

  23. kellaw says:

    lol. go kamching with the guards la. sure they allow you in one. that’s what i am good at as my friends says. Go ask your ride bring you somewhere else eat la. wonder why they(those outside burger stall) dont open branch next to the playgrounds. hahaha. then mcd will pk soon. wuahahaha

  24. kellaw says:

    eh clef you also managed to see ar? some like dont even know who you are when you are close to each other before that persons death. but take it this way. everyone needs to leave one day. its a matter of when and how only.

  25. cleffairy says:

    =.= my ride ah? Usually my husband nia la… i always arrive earlier at Central, so that explains why I wait for him at McD. Eh… near my place, got one burger stall open just in front of KFC, but that KFC oso not yet pok kai. LOL.

    Yeah, I can ‘see’ them. If not mistaken, as young as 4-5years old. I remembered started to see ‘thing’s when I was in kindy. Born with a third eye, I guess. I whine and complain to my parents but they take no heed lorr… say I cheat. What’s worst, can see ‘shadow’ before someone close to me die. Dam jialart. But I learn to shuddup and live my my gift and with those things around me. Ahahaha… actually those things, if you dun kacau them, they wun kacau u wan… unless of course it’s those wild kinds la. Just i cannot tahan funeral nia. Sure fever after that. What’s more jialart is I can never extort numbers for them. If not, I’m rich woman by now. LMAO. The best experience is when my grandmother passed away a few years ago. She visited for around 40 days, and I actually felt like she never left at all, cuz can see her and can feel her after her death. For the first time in my life, I felt glad that I could see, because I really do love my grandma. Can summore ‘tok’ to her. Told my mom about that, she scold me siao! 🙁

  26. kellaw says:

    Imagine having kfc chic in the burger. Hahahaha. Was born with it also. Used to cry when those things disturb me then. but got used to it. At times I cant even differentiate them from real person. Call it a good thing. we know when someone is about to leave thus try spending more time with them.

    being able to see them has an advantage. they dont dare to mess with you so much. hahaha. like those cant see step on them also dunno what happens. well those who cant see will not understand us. always refer to us as phychotic but when they step on the shit, the only place they can go to is us. hahahahaa

  27. suituapui says:

    Oops…thought that was the end of the post…u praying that God will grant u the serenity to handle this sort of kurang-ajar people! Hehehehehe…old people (me!) always silap like that lah! Sorry!

  28. arc says:

    wow the hottest topic with 32 comments before my arrival =.=
    well Sis Cleff, Im sure that she has just started working, SPM ‘graduate’ perhaps.

    Anyways, she has been obviously rude 2 ur husband, plus not admitting the fault she’d committed; totally unforgivble

    Tell u what, I also have encountered this stupid behaviour, in The Mines’ KFC. The manager doesnt even know how to use communication English when a foreign couple from China asked if they have extra plates and knifes. The result was, to my disappointment, she kept saying ‘NO’ and even asked the other employees what the tourists wanted.
    The climax part of this story is when the manager said the tourists are BODOH in BM.

    If it happened to me, I will jump over the counter and beat the hell out of her, What a rude thing to do!

  29. cleffairy says:

    Kellaw, you couldn’t differentiate em when you were younger? Wow, your eyes must be more clear than mine, cuz I can only see vague forms and shadows as well as hearing their strangely pitched voices. So when I was younger, I could tell the difference between human and the non-human. But you’re so damn right about people looking at us weirdly and calling us freaks. I get that a lot when I was a little girl. But I learn to live with my gift, and it’s really not such a bad thing at all to be able to see what others cannot, especially when it allows me to have ‘extra’ time with the ones who are leaving or the ones who already passed. I get extra time as I’m able to see them. And it’s really comforting to know that there are life after death, so you don’t actually die as long as people remember you. LOL.

    Cikgu, I wouldn’t go on and pray for serenity to deal with those biadap. In fact, God flew out of the window the moment I experience such things. Aiya, nonid to apologize ahh… I also post comment in wrong places all the time… worst still, in the wrong blogs! LMAO.

    AhFu, the manager didn’t bother ahhh… 🙁 So angry!

    Arc… lol… hot because a lot of people also ‘hot’ with the food service industry in Malaysia, especially fast food. In some place, it’s not even qualified to be called a fast food restaurant. The service is damn slow. What’s worst, the food is also terrible. Really not worth to spend a pittance on. But sometimes, consumers like us have no choice. Like me… I patronized that McD because that’s the only safest place I can sit while waiting for my husband to pick me up after my flights at late night. That’s the only place inside KLCentral that’s open 24/7. You know how it’s like in Central outside of the station… so dangerous. I can’t risk going out alone without anyone accompanying me. Feel not safe, anything can happen. So better be safe than sorry. Talk about The Mines KFC… I can’t believe that they’re so damn rude and not professional. Mines, no less. A place that attract tourist like that! It’s really putting a shame to this country! *sigh* The one who is BODOH, is actually the bloody woman and the manager. If they could not speak English or understand the language, don’t point fingers to others and say others are stupid! At least the tourist knows how to speak in a secondary language, unlike them who only speak in their mother’s tongue and refused to learn other language, even when their job require them to do so!

  30. Kellaw says:

    Even nowadays its still hard to differentiate them. thats why when someone say hi or look/stare at me, i rarely look back or reply unless I know that fella is still alive. at least you are lucky to see the ones you love. I wanted to see them but they dont show up in front of me.

    wei clef did you posted the comments meant for my blog somewhere else? yours seem to be missing the past 24 hours. hahahaha.

    if i am the tourist i will scream at the idiot. let everyone in the restaurant know. wuahahaha

  31. cleffairy says:

    Kellaw… walao… your eyes so clear. Thank heavens mine are not so clear, or else, I would go cuckoo. But, as far as talking to those people is concern… I’m fine with it. Before my grandmother’s death a few years ago, I always felt that my gift is a curse, but with her passing, I was glad…cuz I really do miss her. What’s more, I did not attend her funeral, because I was having my final exam. I was remorseful and felt guilty, but she visited me…and I felt that even though she passed away, she actually never left. And still, every now and then though not as often as before, she’s actually still around.

    Oh, no, I din post comments intended for you elsewhere. I really gone MIA. Ahahaha… actually, I have other commitments on weekend. Weekend is family and offline day for me. 😛

  32. Kellaw says:

    oh. hahaha. i never get to see my grandparents except for that knocking on the window i get after my grandma left(living in the 3rd floor and my window is facing outside but when i see there is no one outside). clear also got its cons la. thats the prob lo.

  33. cleffairy says:

    Kellaw… if we can see because we’re gifted naturally it’s all right…cuz we grow to get used to it and dun misuse it. I cannot imagine how it’s like for those who went to ‘open’ their eyes.

  34. Garfield says:

    KL Sentral McD lanciao lar.
    when u complain to their branch manager, they will just pretend to listen, then ask u which staff u wan to complain.

    after u show him the staff, he will just say:
    “sorry ar, would u like any drinks to cool down?”
    pukimak! now i am complaining that his staff din return me my balance wor, and i did even wan back my balance coz i am too pissed and it is just less than a dolar! i just wan that bitch to get fired only wor! think i am so cheap to get shut up by a glass of drink ar!?

    the damn KL Sentral branch is really pukimak lah, staff also pukimak, branch manager also pukimak!

  35. cleffairy says:

    This is Malaysia… Malaysia Boleh… and as Calvin put it… boleh blah! LOL. But really beh tahan lah, there are so many bitches and bastards who will constantly get on our nerves every damned day.

  36. cleffairy says:

    No thanks. My experience with KFC are almost never pleasant! You know the one nearby the place we live? Near OTK? Their service is very, very bad too. But the McD there is superb. They waited on me hand and foot, and the food quality is not bad too. But of course, depends on which servicing crew. Some of the McD crew there really blur. LMAO.

  37. dils says:

    hehe, McD is fast becoming my least favorite fast food.

    Because the soaring prices of its burger, the horrible taste of its burger, and the consistently reducing size in line with its increase of price. Macam pelik pulak, should be harga makin naik, the size stay the same , but the size makin kecik.

    My sister called for McDonald delivery to our home at Bukit Antarabangsa the other day, their response was ” Sorry la cik, we do not deliver to Bukit Antarabangsa as it is kawasan yang berbahaya”.

    WTH! So we remaining residents who lived there, just quietly awaiting our death while ordering fast food ka?

    fyi: We do not live in the danger zone.

  38. cleffairy says:

    Dils… for a moment i was shocked that you are living in that area. Whether or not you’re living in dangerous area, I just hope you and your family will stay save, God willing. Yea, some McD really sux! Cannot tahan… and wtf issit about them refusing to deliver to your area? It’s safe zone right? *sigh* this is almost as good as the police shutting down their station in Chow Kit Road joke!

  39. calvin says:

    no problems encountered in kuantan so far. but if i were in your shoes, i wont be that patient. id take her name and her manager’s name right in front of the other customers just as a warning to the other staff. anyways, since you’ve been to hell with kl central’s mc-d, suggest not to go there anymore. heck!!! spread the word around, publish in the papers…especially the gossip ones. even better in berita harian, metro so forth……they are sure to read it….hehehe 🙂

  40. cleffairy says:

    Calvin… I suppose not all McD gives bad service. The one nearby my house, Gombak McD give superb service, no joke wan. They wait on you hand and food, and the food, they always give extra! LOL… like french fries, always overflowing. LOL.Actually i wanted to jot down her name, but the name tag that she’s wearing is out of view! Damn lorr… *sigh* If i really have a choice, I wouldn’t step into McD KL Central, period. But that’s the only 24hours food outlet that I can safely go to while waiting for my husband to pick me up from my night flights! Really jialart lah, I tell you, cuz no other place were open after 11pm at Central. you know me la, very chicken wan…I’m scared of walking alone at night…scared of not hantu, but humans! LOL.

  41. Maya says:

    Clef: I think you should keep sending your complaint letter to McDonalds HQ in the US instead of the Malaysian franchisee. I have yet to come across badass McDonalds crew in Penang but then again, I hardly eat McD and most times, my husband would be buying it instead of me. But my husband brooks no ‘prima donna’ attitude and he’ll give as good as he gets if he came across a rude crew. But you are right to blog about this because if they are bad one time, OK lah but 3x on 3 separate occasions? That’s downright poor quality! The next time, go and just snap pics of the crew so that everyone knows how bad they are.

  42. arc says:

    oh ya OTK? Hmm yes the KFC service is bad, totally the opposite of McD. Sis, Ive encountered another scene tonight and I will have it posted by tomorrow morning

  43. arc says:

    Sis, it is posted =D. But sorry, my English is kinda not good. So, whenevr u got something that u x undstand, feel free to ask me in the comment section

  44. meen mcd kl sentral says:

    thanks for u comment but people is always people and mistake is always will be done by why not just forgive this person as long as she can reprensted malaysian people to all the customer around the word more politely and nice taking 2 you k n next time i want 2 learn my mistake about them k

  45. cleffairy says:

    Meen Mcd Mcd KL Central. I appreciate it that you dropped by and respond to my entry. However, this kind of people is a perfect example of a group who never seems to learn from their mistakes. People will be no difference from animals if they are rude. Even dogs do not bite the hand that feeds them. So, tell me again, since customers are the ones who keeps the business running, why these people are rude to the ones who are actually contributing to their savings account every month? I do not forgive easily, thank you. I am not an angel or saint or even a prophet. I do not forgive unless the ones who did the mistake comes asking for forgiveness and admit that they are wrong. The person in the picture have been rude to me and my husband, but can you actually guarantee that my husband and I was the only ones she behaved that way to? I strongly doubt that. And how do you propose you can guarantee that she will learn her lesson and not do it again? People is always people, as you say, however, people have brains to learn from their mistake. If they do not learn from their mistakes, then they are no better than animal. If you are representing any McD Kl Central staff, I do take note that even though I have receive call from the PR Personnel to say sorry on the staff’s behalf, I HAVE YET TO RECEIVE an apology in the form of writing from any of McD KL Central personnel or staff involved. Is this sincerity? i think not. If you take note of my writing, you would notice that this is not the first time the staff in McD KL Central have been rude to me and my family members, and each time, there’s not even an apology from any party involved. I can forgive for the first time or even the second, but I’m afraid, third time’s the charm. That’s definitely the limit to my patience.

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