Serenity Prayer- Food for your soul

My godmother, whom I’ve come to love and grow fond of sent me this. I thought it’s pretty inspiring. And since I’m dead beat from work and my brain couldn’t function properly to compose a coherent article, I would just share what my godmother, Aunt Iris sent to me today. Aunt Iris, also known as Fergie is originally my blog visitor. It’s amazing how blogs can connect people together in a good way. I guess Internet can be very beneficial to you if you use it in a good way.


Cleffairy: Learning to accept things that we cannot change can be very hard, but once we manage to do it, we will be more at ease and at peace.


  1. eugene says:

    Ya, Cleff still learning to accept what i cannot change that eventually will give me peace… may be you should write more about this subject to share with us…

    take care now my dear

  2. cleffairy says:

    Eugene, I dun think i can write a good article on accepting what I cannot change, because like you, I’m also still learning to accept things that I cannot change. I hope things goes well with your sons, Eugene. Sibling fights are normal. Even I have my fair share of catfights with my little sister. Catfights, I tell you, and it was ugly. Complete with pulling hair and biting! At least your boys dun do that. They’ll turn out fine, trust me on this. It always do. LOL.

    Calvin, yup, amen to that.

    Chris, yea, this piece is pretty inspiring to me too.

    Alena, welcome to my blog and thank you for dropping a line. πŸ˜€ Will be visitng yours soon, and I’ll be looking forward to exchange opinions with you.

    Amoker, God NEVER change. It’s human who change and alter things. πŸ˜€

  3. Bridge says:

    The only way to know if there are things to be changed is if your coscience tells you so. Cosncience is your wisdom, and Wisdom is your conscience. That’s my philosophy!

    Humans are always self-obsessed and self-absorbed that they try to justify whatever they do, no matter how weak their argument is. Tsk, tsk. Listen to the sound of your conscience and be wise enough to do whatever it dictates you.

    I am not wise, I accept it. I do not listen to my conscience most of the time!

  4. kellaw says:

    But know something here. No matter how gifted you are,you alone cannot change the world! It’s also one of the things I learn being a paramedic. We can’t save each and every victim we tried to help but at least we tried

    Anyway I linked you.

  5. cleffairy says:

    Bridge, I’m far from wise too. I did so many foolish things in life that I’ve come come to regret and resent. But then again, I suppose life is about making mistakes and learning from it. πŸ˜€

    , as a volunteer as well as a first aider, I too learn that there are many things I cannot change, and many lives could not be saved. We’re only human, after all. I linked you too. Cheers.

    Celine, darling, I also very hard to cool down wan. Ahahahaha….bitter most of the time. LOL….we’re same nia. πŸ˜›

  6. suituapui says:

    Boycott all these western franchises! Expensive and not nice too!!! Being international, I would think there’s should be stringent quality control…but the soup at Pizza Hut was terrible…and the breadstix too! I had a post on that when I went there to visit my daughter. Luckily the pizza itself was ok! My daughter likes eating at such places. Given a choice, I would much rather head for our local kopi tiam!

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