Me, My Boy and Naan Pizza


So, the boy was kinda upset about something last night, and he was making quite a fuss. He refused to sleep and he wanted supper. Outside. I couldn’t exactly stand his fuss. All I want is just for him quiet down. But then again, I wasn’t exactly in the mood to slack around in the regular restaurant that we both usually patronize last night. It was raining and I would very much prefer to just stay home and snuggle with my cat and a good book.

The boy was still fussing after a while, and so, I decided to compromise. He wants a hearty supper. I want peace. So we went out to take- away a piece of naan after the rain stops. When I came home, I decided that the naan is too plain and hell, we both deserves a little indulging, so why not spice up things a little bit? Nobody is there to stop us anyway.

I sprinkled the naan that I bought with cheese and sliced hot dogs. After stuffing the thing into the oven for a while, we got ourselves a very decent homemade pizza.

The boy finally feels happy again and I got the peace that I wanted at the end of the night. 😀 Who says you need to spend a lot of money to indulge and enjoy life? I certainly think that we don’t need to spend so much money to indulge in food. All we need to do is just be creative and enjoy life in small ways that we can. 😀

Cleffairy: I got to take note to stock up some naan at home so that I can use it as pizza base during ’emergencies’ like this. Comfort food can do wonder for people’s mood! 😀


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