Me Singing Leaving on a Jetplane for #uniteforMH370

Do you know why…that though I don’t have the tendency to love whatever our gov do…you still yet to see me condemn them for what’s going on with #mh370? And why I don’t post up parodies poking fun at the bomoh fiasco etc though I used to poke fun at various current issues in our country? Well…as much as I don’t like our gov, I still love my country. As a social media influencer, I do not wish to shame my country any further than it’s already is. I think those who posts up those crap are not only shallow, but terribly immature. Don’t you know that the world is watching us? Can’t you at least BEHAVE and be mature about it? Don’t make fun of this incident. Things are as bad as it is. There are people waiting desperately for their loved ones to come home. Even if you can’t emphatize with their situation, can’t you at least don’t be obnoxious about it? Put yourself in the shoes of MH370 passengers…and those who are waiting for their loved ones to return. I did. And it is not pleasant.

Anyway, there’s this ongoing event where people from all over Malaysia is collecting kind thoughts and prayers for MH370.

I couldn’t make it for the concert, but here’s here’s a YouTube audio of me singing ‘Leaving on A Jetplane’, for all those onboard of the missing MH370, and the loved ones who are waiting for them to return. #uniteformh370


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