Misleading Mother’s Day Promo

How did you spend your Mother’s Day? I bet you ladies had a blast shaking your legs around while your men and your kids pamper you throughout the day. Well, good for you. Mine was nothing special. Never was and probably never will be. My kid practically lives in his own world while his father…well…his father is not my son, so not obligated to celebrate with me.

Anyway, as I said nothing special went on last Sunday, except the Domesticated Goddess in me was practically screaming and when I saw this self-service laundry shop offering free laundry, I thought I’ll just lug all my dirty clothes of over there and have them washed.

Went there with a friend and her boyfriend. We were actually quite excited about the offer and looking forward to wash all of our soiled clothes. My friend actually brought all her dirty comforters to wash too.


But when we’re ready to unload all of our dirty laundry into the washing machine, I noticed that we still need to insert coins into the slot despite of their ‘Wash Free on Mother’s Day offer’. I was flabbergasted cuz it’s supposed to be FREE. Asked the person in charge over there and he jolly well told me that the free wash is just until 2pm, and since my friend and I went there at 6pm, there will be no free wash for us.


When asked why we have to pay for it when the banner that was hung outside says there is free wash on mother’s day, the person in charged pointed to this copy of an announcement that they stick in a small corner of the shop. I wasn’t very happy about it. In fact, I feel cheated! Who wouldn’t? They placed the goddamn thing in a small corner of the room where people would most probably overlook and most will only look at the colourful banner outside and simply assume that the free offer is for 24hours . Damn it. This is pretty much misleading and I bet this shop made quite a profit that day!

I was really furious cuz I brought alot of dirty laundry with me and so does my friend. We expected a free service but ended up paying a hefty sum instead! I was really unhappy and I thought that if the shop really wanted to offer a free service, they ought to have written the timing and whatnot on the freaking banner! This is clearly cheating the consumers and obviously manipulating people into paying…cuz rationally, who would wanna lug around their dirty laundries? Most would just have it washed the clothes there, even if they have to pay for it…like my friend and I did.

I wasn’t happy. I was furious, in fact, but the sulking did not go long, I suppose…as my friend treated me to dinner afterwards. Tsk. I have to say, it’s pretty easy to make me happy. Just feed me and I’ll be all smiles.

Cleffairy: Don’t complain if your Mother’s Day did not go as you expected. At least you did not end up being bored to tears and calling up your friend to do laundry with you only to have to pay a hefty sum for it.


  1. Cleffairy says:

    Cilaka wan this company. Made me and my friend penat aje, lugging the bloody clothes…ingat can wash those dirty baju and comforter for free. Mana tau in the end nid to spend so much money on it! GRRRR… geram gila babi! Fell cheated~!

  2. zahari says:

    usually ppl do not read some fine prints but in this case the banner itself should state the limit of the offer. Of course it is misleading but these people will usually put a blunt face.

    • Cleffairy says:

      Exactly my sentiment. They should have stated the time limit in the banner itself, not paste some photocopy of the offer of the offer in some corner of the shop. I feel that the ad is really misleading. 🙁

  3. GreenLava says:

    You should’ve mentioned the name of the shop so it registers with Google. Let Google help punish “Kedai Dobi CleanPro Express”. There you go I’ve done it for you 🙂

  4. suituapui says:

    Always check the fine print, read between the lines. These business people are always up to no good one!!! They have all kinds of tricks up their sleeves.
    Daylight robbers, crooks!!!!

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