Morning Erection

I was having a kind of X-rated chat with my fellow WriMos a moment ago, and we ended up talking about men’s morning erection after blasting our head on how to write a believable sex scene for our respective novels.

I never asked anyone in my bloody life on how it feels like to have a morning erection, including the males in my blasted life, and I wondered how morning erection felt to men.

So, since all of us were in the mood to explore the world of sexuality and beyond, I asked one of the male chatter in my noveling group about MORNING ERECTION, and how it feels to men. This is what he answered.

“Morning erections are there to keep men from bed-wetting, and that’s both a godsend and really annoying. You wake up, you have to pee, you have an erection, and the erection pretty much isn’t going to go away until you pee or maybe ejaculate. Meanwhile, you have to pee. In a standing position, the urine is coming out exactly the wrong way. In a sitting position, the angle of the penis is still exactly the wrong way, unless maybe you sit and bend over on the stool. Or, you can try to bend that rock-hard shaft downward at least 90 degrees so that it’s pointing into the bowl. Meanwhile, touching your penis makes it harder, because, it’s erect and all the nerves and such are at the surface.”

I don’t know what has gotten into me, I must have been overdosed on my caffeine fix to talk about so much about erotic nonsense, but as soon as I finished reading what my fellow novelist wrote, I laughed my ass out.

I absolutely had no clue on that’s how men feel when they had morning erection. So… it was not pleasurable, after all. And I can’t believe that morning erection is one kind of mechanism to prevent men from bed wetting. LOL… so… if a man have an erectile dysfunction, will he wet his bed then? LOL… can some male readers out there tell me about this? I think I hang out too much with my fellow novelist to think straight right now. I am as good as drunk! Can someone set me straight please? I’m struggling to finish up my novel.

I got to stay away from looney novelist who are overdosed on tea and coffee, just like me. It can be proved rather disastrous for morning erection is not the only thing we’ve discussed. There’s ‘standing up’ all night long and ‘how many times per night’ as well as creative metaphor for orgasm or even novel ending with er… bing bam and boom! I ought to warn you people off… mixing around with novelist in distress can be pretty dangerous!

Cleffairy: Sometimes, I think I am just as clueless as a teenage girl on a first date! There’s so much to learn about men and their anatomy!


  1. cleffairy says:

    LMAO…my husband said the same thing. We also ‘stand up’ when we listen to the national anthem. LOLzzzzz πŸ˜›

    Damn! Writing can make me insane… now I seems to recall my old headmistress demanding some badass boys in school to stand up in her presence… she always go:

    HM: Boys, every time I come and ask you to stand up, you must STAND UP! UNDER STAND????

    LMAO! No shits, i need to stop taking tea d!

  2. IHSAN says:

    Ahaha, I can relate to the answer, totally!

    You wonder about this kind of stuff, I wonder about menstruation. There are just some things we can never experience, eh.

  3. cleffairy says:

    LOL… I am a woman, so I don’t wonder about menstruation. You wouldn’t want to know, I’ll spare you all the gory details. Let’s just say that women turn into a monster with horrible mood swings once a month. LOL…


  4. nesca says:

    i lol’d hard reading this. oh and morning glory, that’s the first time to hear. u guys ever experience this: mom is calling out for you to open the door, and you have to wake up and walk with that thing still singing Negaraku? ark!!

    girls would probably love this but we’re not!

  5. stephy-nie says:

    LOL the description is so funny. haha. it’s like how women explains their mood swing in a way. you know like i feel like this but then it’s like that kinda thing XD

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