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The other day STP posted his ‘tuna toast on his blog’. And it occurred to me that before my oven goes KABOOM on me for baking too much, I made such toasts, or rather,pizza bread quite often too as my snack. Nothing much to be proud of, but it keeps me satisfied nevertheless. It’s some sort of a comfort food for me when I’m feeling down or too busy to cook elaborate meals for myself and my family.


4 slices of bread

Some tomato sauce/pasta sauce

Shredded chicken breasts

4 slices of cheddar cheese

First of all, spread some tomato sauce on each of the bread slices generously.

Top the bread with cheddar cheese and shredded chicken breast, and bake it in the oven for around 5 minutes at a medium heat.

And you’ll get this…mine usually turned out to be quite disgusting looking, but they serve their purpose as comfort food pretty well. Don’t let their looks fooled you.

Anyway, you can be creative with this. Instead of using shredded chicken, you can use ham, sliced sausages, tuna chunks or even crab-sticks as the topping.

My personal favourite got to be the ones with crab-sticks with tomato sauce and a bit of thousand Island sauce along with melted cheese as the topping.

Cleffairy: It’s all about chemistry. I treat my kitchen like a chemistry lab. Therefore, my food always turned out weird and the equipments KABOOM pretty often.


  1. Chester says:

    Ooh I tried this before! But I did it with sausages instead…hmm haven’t eaten it for a while…gonna give it a try soon. Thanks!

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