Resurrection in May

It’s been rainy and it’s been really depressing. Everything seems to be gloomy and dark, and thank God for Resurrection in May. It arrived from US just in time to cheer me up and brightens my day… er… night. Resurrection in May gives me a yet another reason to stay away from the bloody PC and to snuggle up with a good book again before I go to sleep. This is my fifth book from Booksneeze. 😀 Can you believe it? Five free books from them. 😛

I received this book free from Thomas Nelson Publishers as part of their Booksneeze bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review and therefore, the book review is 100% my own opinion.

Resurrection In May written by Lisa Samson revolves around May Seymour, a graduated from college with the world at her feet and no idea what to do with it. A mission trip to Rwanda brought her a sense of purpose in loving others. During the trip, the genocide began and she chose to remain in the village, which was subsequently slaughtered mercilessly. Only May survived the genocide, and she was completely traumatized by her entire experience.

So, May journeyed to heal on the farm of Claudius Borne, a sweet, old man who understood plants and animals far better than people. She stayed there for many years.

The story is then fast forward to years later and having not stepped a foot off Claudius’ farm, May learns an old college flame, now a death-row inmate, is refusing to appeal his sentence. Can she convince him to grab hold of life once again?

Their surprising friendship turns the tables, for the prisoner, Eli Campbell, has a deeper faith from which to draw than she. Eli slowly begins to pull May from her cloistered and recluse existence. With the help of Eli, their tiny town, and ultimately a renewal of faith, May comes to life once again.

This book is a story about faith, liberation, hope, and second chances. This is also a story of love. How it sneaks into your heart when you’re most unaware of it. I enjoyed the correspondence between may and Eli, and I must say, they’re touching, and could really make you think.

If you think that this book is a fluff of a fiction, then you’re dead wrong. This is no ordinary easy read. It’s emotional, melodramatic, and above all, eye-opening.

Would I recommend this book to you? Yes, cuz it’s not only beautifully and creatively written, but it’s also thoughts provoking. Resurrection in May, is a beautiful story about redemption.

I rate this 4 out of 5 star.

Cleffairy: There are things that will uplift your spirit when you’re down. There are things that will give you hope when you cry out of distress, and there are things that will strengthen your faith for God, and this book is one of it. An inspirational read, definitely.


  1. yanz says:

    sounds like an interesting book. wonder if it’s available in Malaysia?

    btw, was wondering if you’d like to exchange links?
    hope to hear from you, thanks ;D

    • Cleffairy says:

      Hi…welcome to my humble blog. I’m not sure if this book is available in Malaysia, but it can be bought on Amazon or Barns and Noble.

      Sure, will link you up. 😀

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