MyFest Melaka 2015: Melaka Alive- The Winds of Melaka

I have always believed in educating my child OUTSIDE of the classroom and giving him real life experience instead of grilling him to be a four eyed nerd. šŸ˜‰ As I mentioned in my previous post, I went on a solo trip with my son to Melaka with me to join in the Lantern Festival Night celebration that was being held over the weekend . Coincidentally, we were invited by Nuevo Attractions to witness the soft launching of Melaka Alive. And so, I accepted the invitation brought him to watch Melaka Alive.

So, what’s Melaka Alive is all about? Melaka Alive is a project that aims to present the past of Melaka in 5D. In other words, it is a cultural performance that tells the history of Melaka as it originally should, from Parameswara to The Malaccan Sultanate to the times of Portuguese occupation through live theatre performance.

It is indeed an experience of a lifetime. Now, let’s take a closer look at the stage. The Melaka Alive stage is located nearby the well-famed Porta de Santiago and directly opposite the Proclamation of Independence Memorial.

 photo IMG_9140_zpsm1okvztz.jpg

Yes, this is the stage.

 photo IMG_20150306_193944_zpshtuzwoto.jpg

A closer look on Bahtera Merdeka where the Melaka Alive Cultural Performance isĀ staged. The ‘stage’ is actually a ship, and to watch the performance, you’ll have to actually board the ship. RatherĀ interestingĀ concept, I must say. I was told that there will be a few more stage performance that will bring history alive across the famous locations in Melaka; the ruins of Porta de Santiago and The Christ Church in the Dutch Square, but for now it’s just The Ship, Bahtera Merdeka.

 photo IMG_9152_zpsva9kq6an.jpg

Upon entering, you’ll be greeted by the casts who are already fully costumed. They will lead you to board the ship. This is where you’ll feel that you have just stepped into a time machine, where you were brought into Melaka of the past. With such fantastic traditional costume galore, I felt so out of place in my regular street clothing, and the vain pot in me chided myself for not wearing traditional clothes that night.

One word of advice; they were’t kidding when they said that the performance is in 5D.Ā If you are seated in front and the Bahtera Merdeka’s crew hand you a disposable raincoat, you might want to put it on.

 photo IMG-20150201-WA0012_zps1nmfmxus.jpg

There is plenty of realistic rainfalls and ocean tide’s splashes throughout the show. The one that I watched was called ‘The Winds of Melaka’

 photo melakaalive_zpsswqnm0iw.jpg

So this is where history actually comes alive. Set on board of the ‘Bahtera Merdeka’, the Ā ship inspired stage, this extravaganza tale of Panglima Awang is brought to life in a play that combines spectacular visuals, effects, music and live acting to tell the story of Melaka’s rich and diverse history, from theĀ establishmentĀ of the city by it’s founder Parameswara, to the glorious Melaccan Sultanate to it’s fall into the Portuguese hands. Amongst other things, the performance also highlights the legends of the Mouse Deer and dogs, the arrival of Cheng Ho’s fleet and the coming of de Sequiera and de Albuquerque to the shores of the kingdom.

Here’s sharing with you a video I took that night. šŸ™‚

So what did I think about the entire Melaka Alive: The Winds of Melaka performance? Magnificent! I felt as if I was thrown back in time. My son who have always enjoyed live performances and theater probably learned more about the Melaccan history here than he would have in the classroom.

Melaka Alive is definitely a must see tourist attraction for all who visit Melaka and Malaysia. Like it’s tagline goes, it is ‘very history, very drama in 5D’.

Interested to see history comes alive before your very eyes? Here’s the ticketing details:

Ticket Pricing

Adult RM35
Child RM20

Non MyKad
Adult RM45
Child RM28

Senior Citizen (60 years +) RM20 –

Terms & Conditions
Prove of MYKad at redemption counter is needed.
Child 3 years old and below or 90 cm below is free.


Every Thursday to Sunday
Time: 7.30 pm & 9 pm

For more info, visit their site at and Facebook page

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