MyFest Melaka: The Night of Carnival

It was Chap Goh Mei, or rather the Chinese Valentine’s festival night in the small town of Melaka. Like I mentioned in my previous blog post, my son and I were went on a solo trip without my husband to witness the festival. 🙂 He was busy working, and only came over to join us afterwards. There is a story behind this. 🙂 Initially I did not expect that he would come over to join us as he’s been really busy at work, and his workload is piling.

He informed me that he would come over to join us. I didn’t take it seriously though. 😉 These days, I don’t put much expectations on people… not only my husband, but everyone else around me, as I come to learn that not everyone else have their own lives to lead, and in my husband’s case, his work consume a lot of his time.

Although I informed him of my whereabout with our son like I usually do via text messages, I did not expect him to appear before me while I was walking around in Jonker Street. 😛

When my husband arrived in Melaka, he did not inform me right away and was walking on his own too.That night, we kinda bumped into each other without even making calls to each other on where to meet. Well, how about that? Although we have been with each other as husband and wife for a very, very long time, bumping into him in a very crowded and busy nightmarket is definitely a first. For the first time in my married life, I felt that our relationship is indeed meant to be, and Fate always have a hand in guiding us to each other whenever we got lost. 😉

Anyway, I’m sure you had enough of my little walk down the memory lane. 😛 Here’s sharing with you what we did afterwards.

The well famed Jonker Street was transformed into a Japanese Tanabata inspired carnival-like street, and so, we walked hand in hand with our son in tow over there.

 photo IMG_20150306_233955_zps0wfppwfg.jpg

Bright red lanterns illuminated the entire Jonker street and it makes me feel as if I was in another country.

 photo IMG_20150306_234757_zps7d8kmvnu.jpg

There was also funfair booth along the street, and couples could be seen holding hands and walking around while hunting for things to play.

 photo IMG_20150306_234200_zpsqenkfrym.jpg

Typical carnival game; burst the balloon and get the prize of your choice.

 photo IMG_20150306_234219_zpsmcjpo7ms.jpg

I was immediately transformed into a little girl and pestered my husband to win some soft toy for me. He obliged, but of course, these sort of things are not easy for you to win. 😛 more often than not, these are just for the sake of pure fun (and wasting money). 😛

 photo IMG_20150306_224757_zpshlx48glv.jpg

Feeling rather hot and famished after having fun at the carnival, we dropped by one of the stall to quench our thirst with the classic all time Melaccan signature shaved ice, the sweet and cooling Cendol. 🙂

 photo IMG_20150306_224719_zps02zdkopl.jpg

And of course, we had supper too. I ordered some Oyster Omelet from one of the stall to share with my husband.

 photo IMG_20150306_230853_zpsqjlocz5v.jpg

And when the Oyster Omelet was not enough, we ordered a plate Duck Eggs Char Koay Teow. Unfortunately for me, they have forgotten to omit the beansprouts. 🙁 I have intolerance towards that stuff. So I told my husband to just finish it off for me. But I suppose he felt like indulging me that night and so he picked them out one by one and fed me with those without beansprouts 🙂

We called a night and instead of driving all the way back to KL after the festival, we stayed the night in a hotel nearby. 😉

To say that I was happy by the end of the night is an understatement, being indulged and pampered that way. 🙂 Life can be a box of chocolate every now and then, I guess, if you lower your expectations and at the same time, make effort to make your loved ones happy 😉

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