No 1 Korean Oven Roasted Chicken Makes a Debut in Malaysia at Goobne MyTOWN, Cheras

To say that I love all things Korean is an understatement. I’ve been hit by the Hallyu fever since I was just a mere college student and I suspect I’ve never recovered from it. Yes. I love K-Beauty products, K-drama, K-Pop songs, handsome Oppa and of course, I love Korean food. When we talk about Korean food, Korea have have a wide diversity of food to offer the world. My all time favourite Korean food are their wide varieties of jiggaes, endless types of kimchi and bimbap. They are simply comforting. I thought my love for Korean food will end just there, but I was wrong. I was recently introduced to Korean fried chicken by a friend and I thought that they are simply delicious and I could go on and on eating them forever.

Problems? Yes. The preparation of these chicken are usually deep fried, and it’s not quite healthy to binge on. But guess what? There’s better alternative to those greasy Korean fried chicken.


Goobne, one of the top chicken restaurant in Korea has just opened in MyTown, Cheras and they are offering Korean oven roasted chicken. Yes. Korea No.1 oven roasted chicken finally makes a debut in Malaysia.


For those who are familar with all things K-food, you’ll probably know that Goobne offers healthier, low calorie, low sodium and low trans-fat chicken meals to all K-food lovers. They’re really famous in Korea. But if you are not familar with Goobne, it’s time you find out and experience the wholesome roasted chicken goodness at Goobne.


They look like fried chicken, taste like  fried chicken but not fried in a flood of greasy, unhealthy oil and definitely makes a better K-drama binging companion should you decided to take these away and marathon on some K-drama over the weekend or something. Yups. I can assure you that these taste better than those tasty looking Oppa you’ve been drooling on.


Take a closer look. Looks can be deceiving. These may look as if they are fried and coated generously with saucy glaze, but the truth is not even a drop of oil was used and the chicken were roasted to flavourful and juicy perfection in the oven. They are simply crispy on the outside and moist on the inside.


5 types of oven roasted chicken from Goobne


Goobne Original 

( Whole : RM 47.90 / Half: RM 26.90 / Wings (8 pcs) : RM 16.90/ Wings (14 pcs) :RM 28.90)

If you are not into strong flavourings, the original flavour will be pretty kind on your palate. Nothing shocking. Just flavourful and moist roasted chicken that will tempt you for seconds and thirds.

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Goobne Soy Garlic

( Whole : RM 54.90 / Half: RM 32.90 / Wings (8 pcs) : RM 20.90/ Wings (14 pcs) :RM 32.90)

Love savoury and garlicky flavours in your food? Then give this one a go. The chicken were lightly coated with garlic sauce and gives off a slight lingering aftertaste. Absolutely delicious. Just try not to kiss anyone before you rinse your mouth beforehand. It’ll be quite a turn off for some.

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Goobne Deep Cheese

( Whole : RM 54.90 / Half: RM 32.90 / Wings (8 pcs) : RM 20.90/ Wings (14 pcs) :RM 32.90)

This is one of the Goobne chicken’s flavours that I will personally recommend to all cheese lovers.  The chicken are generously coated with cheese powder. Weird combination to some, but I personally think that it is actually a gastronomic wonder. The cheese powder goes really well with the roasted chicken pieces.

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Goobne Volcano 

( Whole : RM 54.90 / Half: RM 32.90 / Wings (8 pcs) : RM 20.90/ Wings (14 pcs) :RM 32.90)

Goobne Volcano is their signature and a bestseller. However, let me give you a forewarning. These are really spicy and gives you a tongue numbing experience. Definitely for the more adventurous diners and not for the faint hearted.

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Cheese Fondue Chicken (RM 61.90)

A must try for all cheese lovers. This fondue features two types of cheeses with well marinated spicy chicken on the sides. Once this arrives at your table, simply turn on the heat to melt the cheese and dip the chicken pieces as you go. Be quick though. The cheese tend to harden at a pretty fast pace.

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Volcano Cheese Tteok- Bokki (RM32.90)

If you are into Korean street-food, then you’ll love these upgraded version of the regular Tteok- Bokki. This version of Korean rice cakes dish comes with a bed of spicy ramen, a piece of hard boiled egg and topped generously with savoury and spicy sauce alongside with melted cheese. Again, this dish is not for the faint hearted, as it leans pretty much on the tongue-numbing spicy side of the scale.


Chicken Fried Rice With Volcano Sauce (RM 18.90)

The Goobne Signature Spicy Fried Rice comes with the chicken bits and raw omelet served on a hot plate. What you need to do when this is served is to mix the goey omelet mixture with the rice and you’re good to go. The fried rice somewhat leans to a really spicy side, so if you are a fan of spicy food, then this is for you.


Signature Flying Cheese Egg Roll (RM 18.90).

Love all things cheesy? Then this is for you. The egg roll is a combination of melted cheeses rolled up in layers of egg and topped with the flying fish eggs and drizzled with creamy sauce. Highly recommended and a must try on their menu.


Seafood Jjamppong Soup (RM 21.90)

I have always loved Korean style soups and stews, especially those with tofu in it. But this time around I decided to try something different. I went for this seafood soup instead. The bowlful of soup is packed with ingredients like prawns, squids and mussels. Flavourful and thick, I think this will pair really well with a side of piping hot white rice.


Goobne does not lack refreshing beverages for you to wash down all the saucy things with, but if you’d like to cleanse your palate after your meal, just order these non-alcoholic Ritas; Mojito and the Shark Blood. They are not only refreshing and cooling, but insta friendly too. At least where Shark Blood is concerned. No worries, no actual sharks are involved in the making of this sweet icy concoction, so bottoms ups and drink with ease.

Overall, Goobne is a wonderful to dine-in at. The food is not only tasted great, but a much healthier option too where chicken is concerned. Definitely worth every single calories earned.

For more information on Goobne [email protected] Shopping Centre Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, please refer to the information below.

[email protected]
Address: Lot L3-043A, Level 3, MyTOWN Shopping Centre, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur

Opening Hours: 10 am – 10 pm (daily)
Goobne Malaysia

Pork-free: Yes

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