Althea x Get It Beauty: Real Fresh Skin Detoxer

Have you heard of Althea? Well, Althea is an online shopping platform. Not just your ordinary shopping platform but it specializes in selling all sorts of K-beauty products at a very competitive price. If you are into all things Korean beauty products but haven’t heard about Althea, it’s time that you hop over and reward yourselves with some K-beauty products. They are selling plenty of well known brand and most of them are quite a steal. I have been their faithful fans for three years now and I must say that I regret none of my purchases.


Anyway, speaking of well known brand, Althea has recently collaborated with Korea’s top TV program, Get It Beauty! for their 3rd anniversary which resulted in these; the Real Fresh Skin Detoxer.


Real Skin Detoxer comes in 2 variant: Rose and Green Tea.


The one on the left is a rose-infused facial mask while the other one on the right is infused with green tea extract. You can actually use these at any time of the day as you like, but on a personal level, I would recommend you to use the Real Fresh Skin Detoxer (Rose) in the morning to wash away the accumulated dirt from the night before for a much more radiant skin while the Real Fresh Skin Detoxer (Green Tea) to purify and sooth the skin as you sleep.


Initially I thought these were supposed to be some kind of cleanser but it’s actually a 2 in1 10 seconds mask that works wonder on the skin. Pretty easy to use. All we need to do is just apply a generous layer of Real Fresh Skin Detoxer on the face, leave it on for 10 seconds before washing them off like your regular cleanser.

In all honesty, I did not expect much about the products when I got them in my mail, but I changed my mind at the first scent. It smell so good and refreshing, especially the rose variant. It smells a bouquet of roses and and I felt as if I walked out from an expensive facial treatment spa session after using these, just after 10 seconds washing them off from my face. It beats salon treatments, much to my surprise and yes, I’m definitely a happy camper. And the best part? It wasn’t drying or make my skin feels itchy or dry after usage like some mask cleanser that I’ve used before.

I’m absolutely loving the experience, and if you’d like to get your hands on these too, you might want to hop over HERE. Althea is currently having a promo where you get get both of it for the price of one.

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