No Body Odour, No Stain!

Psssttt… come nearer. Nearer…let me tell you a secret. An embarrassing secret. I recently discovered that I have body odour. I don’t really used to have this problem when I was just staying home full time, but now I’ve taken up blogging up a notch and started to accept invitation to events and reviews, I found myself in quite a whirlwind of packed schedule. Sometimes, events are back to back and I discovered that staying fresh whole day long can be quite a challenge. It’s quite a nuisance, and since I tend to perspire alot when I’m rushing around, I feel like the body odour can get quite unpleasant. Getting a quick shower whenever I’m on the run is not very possible or convenient for that matter. So my only solution right at the moment to keep fresh all day through is just wiping my body with wet wipes as frequently as possible and using deodorant. But not all deodorant are useful. They don’t last all day through, sadly.

Luckily for me, though, Nivea has launched their new line of deodorants.


This new addition is designed specifically for the active modern women and provides 2X longer protection for radiant and smooth underarms. Like all products in NIVEA’s Invisible Black & White line of products, NIVEA Invisible Black & White Pure prevents white stains on dark clothes and yellow stains on light coloured clothing. While most anti-perspirants in the market fulfil the basic expectations which are prevention of perspiration and long-lasting effect, there is no solution for clothes staining. Through extensive research, NIVEA isolated the common causes of clothes staining. While sweat and heat are the catalysts that promote staining, the application of deodorants which leave residue on the skin is the main cause of clothes staining.

NIVEA Invisible Black & White Pure is available in spray and roll-on format exclusively in all Watsons stores. NIVEA Invisible Black & White Pure is selling at RM 14.90 (spray 150ml). 


NIVEA Invisible Black & White Pure RM9.50 (roll-on 50ml).

The new NIVEA Invisible Black & White is targeted at modern women who live a hectic lifestyle but yet find the need to look their best at all times. This product is great for me, considering that it gives me the opportunity to maintain my current lifestyle and stay cool, comfortable and confident at the same time. So if you’re a modern busy woman who needs to to be constantly on the go and wants to keep fresh all day though, you might want to give these a try.


Cleffairy: I wonder if it will keep my husband fresh too? Wonder if they will come out with the same line of deodorant for men?


  1. Twilight Man says:

    I am also a fan of wet wipes as I sweat easily and have oily face. When I traveled overseas for vacations, I used many pieces of wet wipes to stay fresh as I only got back to hotels late at night. I started using it after learning that the US soldiers only depended on wet wipes to “bathe” during their 2-3 weeks stint at the Desert Storm War.
    I loved to use deodorant sprays before until I heard about some brands had harmful chemicals. I believe Nivea is definitely safe! I will check it out out at Watsons soon!

    • Cleffairy says:

      Ahahaha… I thought I was the only one who used wet wipes to stay fresh throughout the day. It’s really helpful to stay fresh, really. I used on myself and my son alot…especially during those busy days. Not always a fan of deodorant, but this Nivea one is not too bad. Yes, some do contain harmful chemical…so I kinda avoided using them. This one not too bad tho.

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