No More Freckles With Hakubi White

Do you have freckles and not very pleased with em and wish that there’s something that you could have done to get rid of them so that you’ll have clear, translucent skin?  Well then, fret no more, Hakubi White is here to the rescue. Blemishes and freckles, pigmentation, acne, wrinkles and dry skin that are the result of an unhealthy lifestyle, stress and hormonal imbalances are the bane of women everywhere.

And for that, Sato Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., an established name in healthcare in Japan, with a presence in the US, Europe and Asia, has launched a new whitening series, the Hakubi White C Series with L-Cysteine, Vitamin C and B6 for healthy skin.

The Hakubi White C Plus, with its formulation, helps to promote good health for skin. It repairs skin that is marked by pigmentation, freckles and dry skin caused by stress and an unhealthy lifestyle. The Hakubi White C Plus offers a health supplement for internal daily use. It contains Vitamin C, L-Cysteine, Vitamin B6 and Calcium Panthothenate and is taken orally.

Hakubi C Gel with its high concentration of Vitamin C derivative is for applying on the skin. The gel permeates the skin and reduces blemishes and pigmentation. It suppresses melanin production and promotes skin metabolism for a healthy, glowing effect. Both are for daily use for the maximum effectiveness. Hakubi White C Plus and Hakubi C Gel will be available exclusively at 35 Sasa outlets in Malaysia from April.

Hakubi White C Plus 180’s is priced at RM 115.90



While the Hakubi White C Gel is RM 91.90. Hakubi White C Plus and Hakubi White C Gel are developed by Sato Pharmaceutical in Japan and distributed by DKSH Malaysia Sdn Bhd.



Cleffairy: Say bye bye to freckles today, ladies.


  1. classified hookup sites says:

    Oppps…. hahaha… I already used the sample. 😛 Not too bad la, actually. It does have such effect. The cream, I mean. I was not given the supplement to try. How I wish they gave me some supplement. Beats having to smother the cream on my face! LOL! 😛

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