Of pyramid, flying daggers,and booby traps…

Egyptology is not my forte. But I have immense interest in them ever since I was a child. I get fascinated over mummification process, the culture, mythology… and of course, the pyramid.

The pyramid, is a very complex and complicated structure. Pyramids are tombs to great pharaohs, ancient queens, princesses as well as concubines. Pyramid… is one of mankind’s greatest symbol and evidence for vanity. Man had to be vain, even after their departure to the afterworld. That is why pyramids exists.

Studying pyramid’s structure have been almost an obsession for me. Little did I know that they taught me more than history, culture of dead civilization as well as ancient people’s religious beliefs, but they taught me about human nature as well.

You see…as I lay on my bed, doing nothing… trying to get some sleep… I recalled a book that I’ve read many years back and was amazed how much the structure of a pyramid teaches you about human psychology.

You see, while the pyramid is full of booby traps… it stops no tomb raiders from attempting to raid the tombs, in hopes to find treasures in it… nor it stops archaeologist from digging and unearthing the dirt, in hopes to find a sarcophagus or two.

Like the tomb raiders…as well as archaeologists who covert the pyramids and all of it’s secret treasures, human… modern, normal human are like that too, especially home-wreckers.

They have always covert things that they could not own, or something that is deemed impossible to own. And triggering booby traps… to them is sheer joy and pleasure. And like tomb raiders and the archaeologists, once they unearth the Pharaoh’s treasure or certain relics, their success of obtaining certain treasure would be…either for sale in the black market, or for exhibition in the museum. And many in this world…adopts home-wrecking not only as a hobby, but a profession as well. It’s not only for feeding their ego and pride, and also for monetary benefits.

To be able to savour the riches and to exhibit the relics and obtain recognition for it, to them, is pure pleasure. To them, the pleasure of having challenged, destroyed the booby traps and conquer the riches in it is beyond words.

It is indeed, something to be proud of, isn’t it? Even if they did not manage to bring anything out of the pyramid, having attempted to conquer a pyramid is already something considered brave and something to be proud of. At least, to their own kind, to their own species, to their own classy society.

Indeed…. very brave.

However… everyone who had studied a little bit of Egyptology would understand that pyramids are lethal. It is full of curses and plagues. To disturb the dead is a taboo, in many civilized culture, and the price of disturbing the dead if often their own life and a lifetime reputation. In the ancient times, scribes would record down every single historical occurrence. Same goes with modern times. Some things… some things are never forgotten or forgiven; for once history is recorded down in stones, it will remain there forever.

I wonder… if they do not know of the curses of disturbing the dead and the stillness of the pyramids?

One would have blamed the ones who engineered the pyramids for the lack of security…but human evolved and advance further in regards of technology and knowledge with each passing day. It is impossible to go ahead of yourself, and engineer against times, is it not?

I am a rather superstitious person. I believe, when you take what does not belong to you, it’s called stealing. Even if you did not succeed, it is still a crime. An attempt of robbery.

It doesn’t matter if you escaped from getting caught, one day, retribution will come… WITHOUT FAIL. If it was me, I would not be able to live in peace with such knowledge. I wonder why so many could sleep peacefully when they are in truth, thief and robbers?

Perhaps… they do not know better. Not knowledgeable, and did not read enough to understand that what goes around comes around, and never do things that they do not want to be done unto them, for if they can do it to others, others can do it to them.

Cleffairy: Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise, but the companion of fools will suffer harm- Proverbs 13:20


  1. Christopher says:

    It’s like unearthing graves …. no different from that. Who knows…archaeologists in the future might start digging graves of today to understand their old generations better.

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