Taman Negara Eco Escapade: Off-Roading in Taman Negara Pahang

Apart from the Jungle Night Walk Tour, Han Rainforest Resort also offers Night Safari ride on a 4WD vehicle. However, we were utterly exhausted after the night walk and our little fishing trip, and so we opted for the daytime off-roading trip on the next day instead.

Our destination; the The Batek (Also spelled as Bateq) Indegenious Settlement in Kg. Dedari, Kuala Tahan.

 photo IMG_4113_zpszwykpafz.jpg

It is about 1 hr drive away via the jungle route and here’s sharing the views throughout our trip to Kg. Dedari.

 photo IMG_4168_zpsfy8ent3w.jpg

Our driver decided to take a slight detour and we passed by a highway under construction. We were told that the highway will directly connect to Kuala Tahan to Terengganu.

 photo IMG_4192_zps2rxqo8cx.jpg

Not to say that I’m utterly impressed or fascinated with the view, but I have to say that I realized that we took plenty of things for granted.

 photo IMG_4178_zpstplg59t0.jpg

One thing for example is that how much effort it took by the unsung heroes to build a safe road for us. We saw how hard people worked to make such thing possible for us. It is certainly humbling when you think that way, I must say.

 photo IMG_4141_zps0q2wyi9v.jpg

Having enough of the construction scenery, we finally took off to Kg. Dedari.

 photo IMG_3963_zpsrpj2tfow.jpg

Crossed the river for a little bit


And deep into the jungle we go

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It wasn’t exactly a smooth drive, but if I were to compare our 4WD off-roading trip in Kalumpang, I’d say the ride is pretty much a breeze.

 photo IMG_4371_zpsyekj32tw.jpg

Just a little ‘carwash’ here and there, and some hindering branches and tree trunks. Nothing we can’t handle.

 photo IMG_4417_zps0ybnlo3y.jpg

Our driver is a professional 4WD driver who is well versed in the route, after all. Mr. Rizal Belalang and team from 4×4 Extreme made sure that the journey was nothing short of enjoyable.

 photo IMG_4419_zpslny25jst.jpg

And before we know it, we arrived in Kg. Dedari to spend some time with the Batek Tribe. More about it in the next installment of my post for our eco-escapade to Taman Negara.

Our trip was sponsored by Han Travel/Han Rainforest Resort and MITA. Han Travel provides one of the best transportation and accommodation arrangement to Taman Negara, so look them up for fuss free experience in Taman Negara at an affordable price.

You can also visit www.rainforestresort.net for more information.

Apart from reading this blog, the updates on our trip can be looked up on social media like Facebook and Instagram by using the official hashtag #GoDomestic #dekatje #mitatourismfair and my personal hashtag #ellietravels #kembaradekatje and #kembarabayau.

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