Oh, sugar, sugar…

Do you know who is that sweet looking little girl in the picture? I daresay many of you know who she is, but in case you don’t know who she is, you might wanna head over to her mummy’s blog and wish her a very happy birthday, cuz today, 3rd October 2010 is her 4th birthday. She’s four years old today.

Here’s wishing you sweet Ethel a very happy and blessed birthday. 😀 Aunty hope you’ll grow up strong and fiery like your little sister. 😀 ( Your mummy gonna piakk auntie for that… LOL)

Cleffairy: Send your pressie late abit, after auntie come back from outstation next week. Love ya, sweet Ethel.


    • Cleffairy says:

      Yes… very pretty, isn’t she? Flushed cheeks, reddened lips, sparkling, glassy eyes… but Ling told me that when the picture was taken, she was having fever, that’s why she looked like that. I really hope she have a happy birthday… I’ve always wanted a daughter… but… I dun think I want to have children anymore. One is enough. Looks like I have to wait til my boy gets married…if I’m lucky enuff, I’ll probably have a granddaughter. 😀

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