The mad fairy…

Warning: Mad fairy ranting ahead. Please get out of here is you’re not into lunatic nonsense. This article is a by-product of a jittery and screwed up fairy. Consider yourself been forewarned. Read at your own risk.

I’ll start with… I wish I had a time machine… you know, the bloody machine that can make you go *poof* into oblivion and re-appear somewhere in different time, space and location… be it present or future… oh, yes, I wished I had a time machine… so that I could go back to the past, and kick my own stupid ass for making so much mistakes, and giving ME in the present so much troubles. *snarl*

I have no idea why I was so bloody stupid that I made so many mistakes… so much pain in the ass and many other places on my body! And just thinking about those mistakes, gives me nasty cramps in my body!!! What the hell!

Oh, what a bloody fool I was… and I couldn’t even get the freaking grammar and spelling right! Argh! Though my creativity is to be applaud for…my imagination have no connection whatsoever with the creeping, harsh reality! Argh! I can’t believe how naive and dumb I was! I wish I wasn’t a horny, fluff headed teenager… but I’m afraid, I was. How I wish I could change that… but no… passion had to be in my blood…look at what it got me to now???

I wrote countless, no quality,sickeningly gross novels when I was a puddled headed teenager with stars in her eyes, and now… NOW… I have to suffer the consequences of editing them, and correcting my own dumb, careless mistakes! GRRRR! I wish I could go back in time and whack myself with with a cane til my butt crack, because I certainly deserve that for making the ‘present ME’ suffer my stupid carelessness and idiosyncrasies!

*sigh* If those dummy novels of mind gets on my nerves so much, why do I still edit them, you ask me… *sigh* I’m afraid, I discovered a couple of years late… that I am a perfectionist after all, and I hate to leave things dangling, incomplete, and imperfect. Gee… my teachers would have been pleased if they found out that I am finally paying attention to details.

Cleffairy:T_T I’m a typical Virgoan after all. SOBS!


  1. [email protected] says:

    Take a breather dear, sometime we need that void of time or space to let us know that we need to space ourselves a bit,probably that’s when all these mistakes make us realize that..

    so chill ya

  2. Cynthia says:

    chill chill lady… just a few here and there only… don’t push yourself too hard… and if it’s OK for everyone, let’s come out to makan before my course start next week! hehehe.. ๐Ÿ˜€

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