On the lows

Sorry for the lack of updates. Yours truly is really on the lows… low on blood pressure, low in sugar in her blood, and really low on the mood. Truthfully, I’m feeling kinda depressed these few days, because I feel disappointed towards friends whom I thought were friends for life, considering that we grew up together and stuff.

Honestly, I feel as if I have the need to re-evaluate my relationship with people whom I have known for a very long time. I come to realize that all these while, they are merely manipulating me and using me for their convenience and toss me aside when they do not have such a need for me.

You know, I’m kinda sick of being someone who comforts those who are crying their heads off because their boyfriends dumps them and stuff… and when they have no problems in their life and whatnot, they push me aside and be sarcastic towards me in public. I am also sick of standing up for such people when they did no such thing for me in return. Friendship is a give and take kinda thing, so if you can’t do that, I’m okay if you’re out of my life.

Cleffairy: I don’t need a friend who sneer at me during dinner date and stuff, and I certainly do not appreciate being someone’s dog, doing favours for people when they desperately need it and yet is ungrateful about it. Sneer and be sarcastic towards others if you want, but if you do such a thing again in my presence, I’ll be suggesting you to go back and brush up your manners.

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