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There are many games can be played when you choose to gamble. One of them is Roulette. Like many other casino games, there’s also online roulette these days.

Roulette can be classified into two types, American and European roulette as well as . The distinction between the two types lies on the number of 0’s on the wheel.

In American roulette, the wheels have two “0’s”, zero and double-zero, resulting to an increase in the house advantage to 5.3%. Only one zero is present in European roulette giving a house advantage of 2.7%.

Another difference in the two versions is the variation in chips used in the game. The so-called “non-value” chips are used in American roulette. This means that chips possessed by similar player have the same value determined at purchase time, and that player bets on the chips at the roulette table.

Standard casino chips with different values are used by European roulette as bets, which creates confusion for both the croupier and the players.

A conventional European roulette table is also much larger than an American roulette table, and the croupier makes use of a long tool called rake in order to clear out the chips and to disseminate the winnings. In American roulette, chip distribution and croupier collection is done by hand.

A third type of roulette wheel is actually in use which is a mixture of the European and American roulette wheels. This type of wheel is the only wheel accepted in the United Kingdom. It is of American layout and one zero. When in use in the United States, it is generally this type. Generally, online roulette also adhere to these specification.

Cleffairy: Did you know that some called roulette as the “King of Casino Games,” ? It is possibly because it was related to the glamour of Monte Carlo where the first casino was established by Francois Blanc. A legend exists about Francois Blanc, who was believed to have made a deal with the devil himself to acquire the secrets of roulette. The legend goes that if all the numbers of roulette (1 to 36) was added up, it would result to “666,” the “Number of the Beast” representing the devil. Gosh, isn’t that scary?

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